• Opening
  • That's Amazing: the bird that does not live in trees the swan.
  • Guest: Lulu The Potto
  • Baby Talk: lions, tigers, jaguars and cougars all play in one habitat.
  • Song: Remains of the Day (From Corpse Bride)
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks Margaret a question " do bats live in water" Margaret can't answer the question and is still tap dancing and she asks if there is a fast way to get out of the studio so Rhonda Trapdoors her and Billy Bob the Lemur grabs the microphone and answers the question.
  • Yves St. La Roach: how to make a stork happy for company but every single bird pecks and hurts Yves.
  • Guest: Margaret The Stork and Maurice The Stork.
  • Margaret and Maurice sings The Stork Song (with Billy Bob the Lemur, Lulu the Potto, Stanley the Mouse ad Bunnie Bear) while she tap dances non stop in fact after she is done singing she can not figure out how to stop dancing and how to get out of the studio so a giant hook pulls her by the neck of stage and Billy Bob the Lemur, Lulu the Potto, Stanley the Mouse and Bunnie Bear walks away from the hook.
  • Animal Awards: Fastest tree climber
  • Story: the crocodiles eggs have gone missing
  • Habitat Time: The Forest and Grass Plains of Michigan
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks a Bison a question "which one is a primate" unfortunately he fails to answer but says that he is happy that he did not get the trapdoor then he gets hooked of stage by a giant hook.
  • Closing: Bunnie, Billy Bob, Stanley, Lulu started tapping lessons from Margaret but she can't stop and soon animals jump on here and all the kindergarten kids shout "NO MORE TAPPING, PLEASE!!!"


  • Dave Golez: Stinky and Maurice and a beaver and a spider
  • Steve Whitmire: Jake and a red bird and a black bird and a blue bird and a Badger
  • Bill Barretta: Armstrong a Shoe bill a duck and a cow
  • Brian Henson: Sal-Minella and a Turkey and a chicken
  • David Rudman: Birds a Mouse and a Brown and a Gray and Arctic and Desert Fox.
  • Eric Jacobson: Spoonbill and Grasshopper Mouse
  • John Ecclesston: Billy Bob The Lemur
  • Louise Gold: Bunnie, Birds, Lulu the Potto and a Musk ox
  • Julianne Buescher: Birds and a Bison


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