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This is the only ORV video to ever be cancelled. Sean was writing this video to tell his viewers which was the worst season of Power Rangers, Operation Overdrive or Super Megaforce, by comparing them head to head. Operation Overdrive won 5 to 2, meaning Super Megaforce was declared the worst season, according to him.

Sean intended to release this video before the Orange Ranger Videos 2014 Clip Show. However, an editing error caused the video to be overwritten and accidentally deleted (unlike Foodfight and Freaky Flickers, which were deliberately stolen). The raw footage and project file had already been deleted, so the video was unrecoverable.

Sean explained the situation in his Second Q&A video, saying...

"First things first, I have an unfortunate bit of housekeeping to attend to. It was my intention to get the Operation Overdrive vs. Super Megforce video up before the clip-show video. However, I ended up needing to cut a section out of it, and, when I tried to export it, some thing went wrong, and the video disappeared. Now unfortunately, just a couple days before that I had emptied out that raw footage folder, so I can't even export it from the project file, that video is 100%, gone. And no, I will not recreate it."

He went on to joke that the seasons were both so bad, they literally caused the video about them to disappear from existence.

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