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Project Overdrive is a cancelled video game that was meant to be released in the first quarter of 2001. It was meant to be published by Buka Entertainment and developed by Vistage. The game featured open world elements, similar to the GTA series, destruction and a gore system.

Screenshot of the game

The game was cancelled somewhere in January of 2001 for unknown reasons. Some people think the game was frozen so Buka could concentrate on other projects, while others think that when the game entered the alpha phase, it was not that good.

Press release

Perhaps no game better reflects the difficulties of the Russian industry in which Buka Entertainment operates than PROJECT OVERDRIVE; but while Buka has built its reputation on a legal basis in a big city and a market notorious for their lawlessness, PROJECT OVERDRIVE invites you to take the opposite course.

Behind the bright, clean surface of a modern city lurk the masterminds of crime, the ones they never catch. You are not yet one of them, though. Here you are, at the federal prison's gates, a crumpled $20 bill in your pocket and a whole new life to build.

You're smart, hi-tech and deadly: will you spend your days being an honest worker? Think again. There are enough high- paying jobs, and, with your underworld connections, its time to start climbing the crime ladder again, but remember: your reputation will always precede you.

Starting small is a wise choice: it should be easy to become a courier for the local mob. There are a whole lot of opportunities if you don't mind getting your hands a little bloody or occasionally washing them in water that’s too hot for comfort. Become a bodyguard – or a hit man. Take orders from no one except the Boss – or work only for yourself. Save up and by a car – or just steal one (remembering to watch out for the police – or just shoot them, if you think that’ll be easier).

Uniquely, PROJECT OVERDRIVE combines the best elements of shooters and driving games in a way that will appeal to anyone who likes movie car-chases and shoot outs, as well as hard-core gamers. It promises to release the first person shooter from the dungeon, bringing portal technology and high quality gameplay into the open where they can be appreciated properly.

This is a new kind of game that redefines the meaning of the words immersive world. Imagine a giant metropolis, several hours across, with streets full of cars and people going about their business, legal or otherwise, hundreds of buildings looming over your head and complete freedom to live your life as you see fit. Make your choices and face the consequences.


  • Unique 3D-engine with portal technology allows consistent frame rates while walking or driving in the streets, or inside complex buildings; no loading screens and therefore no pauses entering or exiting buildings. Intelligent reflections and shadows.
  • For the first time ever, real life physics and damage. Everything obeys the laws of physics with unparalleled accuracy, and this means that, just like in the real world, everything can be destroyed: cars can be twisted out of shape, windshields broken, doors torn off; humans can be maimed or reduced to a pile of body parts, furniture can be broken to pieces or burned.
  • Skeletal animation with inverse kinematics.
  • Sophisticated artificial intelligence: all characters have sophisticated and realistic behaviour models. Cars and pedestrians obey traffic lights and signs, intelligently following the best route to get to their destination and doing their best to avoid collisions.
  • 3-D fire and smoke give a new level of realism.
  • Enormous city with distinct districts, for example Chinatown. Uniquely, you can enter any building in the game. The final level takes place on a separate island.
  • All normal first person shooter commands and functions.
  • Wide variety of weapons and cars.
  • Day and night action.
  • Infrared / night vision goggles bring the city to life at night: the hot tyres of cars glow, and you can even see a cigarette burning.
  • Complete freedom of action; there are many different ways of finishing the game.
  • Two multiplayer modes: deathmatch, or a longer struggle for dominance.

Moderate system requirements, although more powerful systems will display superior graphics, more people and objects etc.

Early build

Somewhere in 2012, a journalist named Svyatoslav Torick found an build of the game, dating 18 May of 2000. The build was later published and is available to download. Notes:

  • The game has no lighting. It can be toggled using the "WorldLightingType" command. Theres 2 types: regular and lightmap lighting
  • The game can crash sometimes. Likely due to the uncompleted state of the game
  • The game can sometimes lag

Screenshot of the leaked build with lighting on