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Project Possible (Cancelled Revival Project of Disney Cartoon; 2012-2015)

Project Possible was a cancelled fan project to create a season 5 of the 2002 Disney cartoon, Kim Possible. The Project had its own Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and their own website. The project was non-profit, recruited

Project Possible

animators, graphic designers, musicians, actors, artists, and writers, and even had a newsletter. The Project was able to plan out and write scripts for 9 episodes. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled in 2014 for unknown reasons and no new material has been released. The team behind Project Possible created a company called Fair Games Productions.

Content That Was Created

Episode List

Episode Name And Plot 
Of Dice and Men-Days after the Lowardian Invasion, Kim and Ron are back in action, this time chasing a new villain who seems to be able to anticipate her every move. How can Kim get ahead of someone who's already one step ahead of her?

Written By:  D.G. Speirs, Karen T. Ryan, Bonnie Dawn Marion 

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web; Released On September 7, 2013

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Plot

Knock Offs-Kim and Ron suddenly find themselves the hottest trends on the planet. Clothes, tours, action figures, toys - all of them centered around our heroes. At the same time, it looks like Drakken and Shego are going back to their old habits. Yes, it's deja vu all over again - but something about it feels wrong, and Kim must find out how they're connected before it's too late.

Written By: J.B. Lee and Kyle Anderson

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web; Released On September 28, 2013

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Plot

Country Cousins-Kim and Ron are surprised when it turns out the villain on the case they are working is being pursued by her cousin, Joss, who's decided to take up the job of "helpin' folks who need helpin'." Can Kim and Joss learn to put aside their differences and work together in time to catch the bad guy?

Written By: D. G. Spiers

Script?: Yes; Released On October 19, 2013

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Plot

I Bonnie- A late night call for help from her old rival Bonnie causes Kim nothing but headaches. But it also brings Kim more than she bargained for, as Bonnie is the target of an enemy thought long defeated.

Written By: Anthony Rappa & Mark Kelly

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web; Released On November 9, 2013

Audio?: No Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Plot

Bigger Not Better-An accident in Drakken's lab leave's Shego with no memory of her time with Dr. Drakken. Worse, every time she uses her powers, she grows! Now Kim, Ron, and Kim's cousin Larry must help Drakken before their Shego problem becomes too big to handle.

Written By: Unknown

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web

Episode Name And Plot

Mission MissleToe-The holidays are already turning out to be complicated enough for Kim this year. Now Global Justice is calling with news that three new villains plan to put the "Bah, Humbug!" in everyone's eggnog across the globe. Can Kim and Ron save Christmas for the whole world - and more importantly, for each other?

Written By: Kelly Carlton & D.G. Speirs

Script?: Yes,  but is no longer available on the web but no longer available on the web; Released On  December 25, 2013

Audio?: Yes; Released On December 25, 2013

Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Pilot

Attitude Adjustment-The best hope of stopping a dangerous new evil pair are the newly reformed Drakken and Shego.

Written By: Anthony Rappa & Mark Kelly

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web; Released On January 18, 2014

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Plot

College Blues Part 1-Kim and Ron start out on a new adventure.

Written By: Anthony Rappa Mark Kelly and Kyle Anderson

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web; Released On July 1, 2014

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Episode Name And Plot

College Blues Part 2-As they begin college Kim and Ron meet new friends and Roulette goes on a crime spree.

Written By: Anthony Rappa Mark Kelly and Kyle Anderson

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web; Released On July 1, 2014

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No

Episode Name And Plot

College Blues Part 3-Dementor's scheme comes to fruition. Kim and Ron must join forces with an unlikely ally to stop him.

Written By: Anthony Rappa Mark Kelly and Kyle Anderson

Script?: Yes, but is no longer available on the web Released On July 1, 2014

Audio?: No | Animatic?: No | Fully Animated?: No |

Title Cards

Of Dice And Men Title Card: https://www.deviantart.com/kplives/art/Episode-1-Title-Screen-401863492

Knock Offs Title Card: https://www.deviantart.com/kplives/art/Episode-2-Knock-Offs-Title-Screen-403550404

Country Cousins Title Card: https://www.deviantart.com/kplives/art/Episode-3-Country-Cousins-Title-Screen-412568439

I Bonnie Title Card: https://www.deviantart.com/kplives/art/Episode-4-I-Bonnie-Title-Screen-412568991

Attitude Adjustment Title Card: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296815431664547811/

Country Cousins Script: https://web.archive.org/web/20140211014920/http://www.projpossible.com/uploads/1/5/4/6/15465524/project_possible-season_5_episode_3-country_cousins_-_final.pdf

Misson MissleToe Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4dwmoIuns


Project Possible Staff[1]​​​​​

The order of the names on this page is in no way indicative of the contributions made to the project.

Andrei Salamon. Electronics Engineering student, Executive Producer and Founder of Project Possible.
While sick with the flu one week, I watched all the KP episodes back to back. After seeing the last one (Graduation) I felt there had to be more. I then learned that according to Disney the show as over.
One week later Project Possible was born.


Jessica Lohmann (Dr. Director, Fruit Kate) is a voiceover artist, marketer and copywriter as well as a passionate animal rights activist and rock music fan. She was born and raised on Long Island, NY and received her Marketing degree from USC (South Carolina) before moving to Germany in 1995. Her voice was once heard on WUSC as a college radio DJ and is now mostly used in animation, eLearning, narration and telephony projects. Jessica lives north of Dortmund, Germany and mostly spends her free time with her husband, daughter, cat and friends.

Rob Jefchak is a writer, an online reviewer from Chicago, IL and that has his own review show called "BS Reviews". and is passionate about all kinds of cartoons, anime, movies, TV shows, comic books etc. He recently graduated with a masters degree in counseling and is working as a food merchandiser and counselor.

Born and raised in Palermo (Italy) from 1992, Giulia Modesto started acting when she was sixteen years old. After taking acting courses in her hometown, she has decided to pursue her dream and move to Hollywood to attend a two-year acting conservatory (Studio Program) at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy) in 2014.

Jane Knight AKA Dr. Anne Possible, is a Professional Voiceover Artist born in the U.K., and living in Orange County California. She has one son. Jane has a passion for walking, old fashioned candy, bad B-movie exploitation flicks, and good bourbon. Hear Jane's other voice work here: http://janeradiodivavoiceover.com/ Follow Jane: https://twitter.com/JaneRadioDivaVO Friend Jane: https://www.facebook.com/jane.geddis


Shelby Sessler (Jim and Tim) is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Performance Certificate in Voice.  Shelby has played numerous roles on stage and behind the microphone.  Among some of her favorite roles onstage have been Kim (Miss Saigon), Truly Scrumptious (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), and Annabella/Margaret/Pamela (39 Steps); some of her favorite voice over roles include numerous My Little Pony fan projects (where she has played all of the mane 6 and Spike), Princess Celestia/Applebloom/Photo Finish for Filly Gamez, and many different characters for Campfire Radio Theatre.  When Shelby is not behind the microphone she is performing in the Birmingham Children's Theatre's production of Tom Sawyer or cuddling with her sugar gliders, Marilin and Lily. 

Kerri Donovan is a professional voice actor and is vocal director/dialogue coach and the voice of Shego, Monique and Bebe fem-bots for Project Possible.  Kerri is a talented Jill of all trades acting in front of the camera as well as the microphone, while working her magic professionally behind the scenes as a sound designer, foley artist, video editor and IT/broadcast engineer. Kerri lives in Springfield, IL with her 6 furry felines (crazy cat lady!) and programs a very popular contemporary jazz station http://smoothjazzexpressions.com.

Mark Kelly. An aspiring screenwriter and possibly novelist

Michael Fri is one of the writer's on the project; twenty two years old and a college student going for his Bachelor's in English. Michael was brought on board the project, knowing very little about Kim Possible at first (until of course some spamming of all four seasons) he was brought on board the project after displaying a talent with character to character dialogue and chemistry in writing. An amateur writer, voice actor, and director of his own projects Michael has played Link (Legend of Zelda: The Return) Spider-Man (Edge of Time fandub), Sora Shimomura (Ghost Rider) and has written and directed Ghost Rider (KH/GR Crossover) and SKYE (A Fire Emblem Motion Comic).

April-Ann Tass is the voice of Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller. She is currently studing General Humanities with a minor in Asian Studies and Music, with a concentration in voice.She is hoping to be an Archaeologist in the future, and visit Japan soon.     

Jessica Nunes is a 13 year old Voice Actress/Singer on YouTube who loves all cartoons, especially MLP FiM. Who loved Kim Possible as a kid, and wanted more of her. Doing her best to help bring back her childhood. Her roles include the one and only naked mole rat, Rufus, and also Joss Possible, and more to come.

Kyle Anderson is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Art's in English with a focus in Creative Writing
at the University of Reno, Nevada. Beyond working on Project Possible scripts, Kyle has two
other main writing projects, one of which is a super hero series inspired by Kim Possible.

Isabella Mikheeva.
Most of all I love singing, voice acting and learning foreign languages. I can't imagine my life without art and adventures. I'm always eager to try something new. I believe that everything is possible if you put your mind into it.
I voice the new villains created by Project Possible: Roulette and Kandy Kane.

Jack Bell (Mr. Barkin) is a new member to the voice actor club, an amateur artist by hobby who enjoys to draw in all forms when he isn't nose deep in books, and lastly a humble southern boy from the great sunshine state of Florida. He takes great pride in being able to quote from the KP universe verbatim and will improve entire conversations when Project meetings run slow much to our staffs bemusement. It wasn't until he was in his first year of college in the fall of 2012 that he discovered his love of Kim Possible and felt that it was unfinished. On an ironic side note Jack is currently studying to become a History Teacher just like Mr. Barkin; no we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried. 


Justin Cabanting is currently a university student attending California State University, Northridge, as an accounting major. Behind the scenes of his studies, Justin aspires to become a future voice actor. Conducting recreational voice work through collaborations via his YouTube Channel - ChaserOfTheDawn - Project Possible is his first major project. Justin is an outgoing member of the team who his always fired up in front of the mic.

I'm Ethan Hooper and I'm a bit new to being in the voice acting area. I love anything to do with history, economics, comics, and voice acting.

J. B. Lee. A man of many hats, among them evangelist, writer, artist, and composer. And produce clerk, which pays the bills.

Anthony Rappa
Age 50
Born and raised in NYC
Lived in New Jersey for a few years, and has recently moved back to N.Y.C.
He is an amateur writer who enjoys, comedies, suspense, thrillers and the macabre.
He has been a fan and collector of Kim Possible for many years.

Kelly Carlton aka Captainkodak1 has been writing Kim Possible fanfiction October of 2004.  Since then he has published well over 145 stories about Kim Possible and the gang.  He had won several awards at the Kim Possible Fanfiction Awards including Best Writer and Kim Possible Lifetime Achievement Award.  Kelly is 52 years old and lives in eastern North Carolina.  He is married with two grown children.

Daniel Karlsson. Male, born in 1970 and currently resides in Sweden.
Became a KP-fan just before the show ended and remained a fan ever since.
Former history teacher among many other things.
Voice actor for Professor Dementor.

Hello KP fans! I'm Frank James Bailey. A voice actor with over 25 years of experience. My voice can be heard on book trailers, podcast openings, explainer videos and commercials. My theater experience includes playing the waiter in Death Of A Salesman as well as the "voice" in Willie Lomans head too. (yep, even on stage my "voice" had to be used for something.) As a big fan of Kim Possible I am happy to be voicing 3 roles in Project Possible. Docker Drakken, Kim's Dad (Dr. P) and Duff Killigan. 

Jim Feldman is a professional voiceover actor based in New York, with a career spanning 24 years. Jim's voice can be heard in local and national TV and Radio commercials, and in on hold messages for businesses across the country.

Thomas Lee. His personality has been called ‘endearing’, and he intends to pursue engineering. College will be tough, his roommates will be rough, but he’ll be on the road to success soon enough.  

Austin Nebbia (Ron Stoppable) is an aspiring voice actor and singer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is a sophomore Theatre Arts major at the University of Pittsburgh. He has been blessed enough to train with some of the best in the business, such as Rob Paulsen, Marc Cashman, and Jeff Bergman. He is more than thrilled to be giving life to such an Iconic character!

Keanu Pires. Resident songwriter and composer on the project. Just a guy who misses how incredible Disney used to be. My musical influences range from Metallica to Johnny Cash, from Avenged Sevenfold to B.B. King.

Living in Australia makes working internationally a bit hard; time differences, man-sized spiders and everything being upside down kinda throws things out of whack. But I make due and any chance I get to work on the project, I take it.
Yes, I am aware that my initials are K.P. Its destiny!


Project Staff List: https://web.archive.org/web/20150227164959/http://www.projpossible.com/project-staff.html


Project Possible's Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20161007162738/http://projpossible.com/

Project Possible's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDwx-nJeKXryjX9-UEJToBA

Project Possible's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjPossible

Project Possible's FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectPossible/

Project Possible's DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/kplives

Project Possible Trailer (otherwise known as Braveheart Trailer):