Prom Night was a 1980 Canadian horror movie starring Leslie Neilson and Jamie Lee Curtis. It had many elements of Carrie, Black Christmas, and Halloween, but still managed to have the sequels and a remake. Part of the potential appeal of the movie was the soundtrack, which heavily features disco music written specifically for the film. However, the official soundtrack release only came out in Japan, on vinyl and cassette tapes, back in 1980, and never saw another release.

Although all of the songs are available on Youtube, it's noted that they sound different than what can be heard in the movie, due to poor recording quality and after-the-fact sound edits.

The instrumental pieces, some of which were unused and appeared in Curtains, have never seen a release, although they are mostly intact in the film and could be ripped from it with a high degree of success.

Track Listing and Survival Status

  • "Fade to Black" - This song plays over the credits. The YouTube version has a strange fade-in missing from the movie. This track is notable for having part of the song often used in the instrumental.
  • "Changes" (no relation to the David Bowie song) - This song is the same as it was in the movie, although the clapping sounds a bit quieter.
  • "Time to Turn Around" - Played over a chase scene in the film, the YouTube version sounds perfect, exactly like it should.
  • "Prom Night (Part 1)" - This song only plays in a short clip, but the audio quality on the main YouTube version is heavily distorted. Another copy, however, sounds clean and is the best version of it available.
  • "Prom Night (Part 2)" - Played the most in the movie by far, this song is also the most common song on the soundtrack. Remains the same.
  • "Love Me 'Til I Die" - This song was remixed and sounds muddy as a result. It was changed to avoid any possible copyright infringements with another, similar sounding song, but as a result the clean-sounding film version has been lost. The clapping was louder, and the beat was much more distinct in the film.
  • "Dancing in the Moonlight" - Intact, but again, the clapping is a bit softer.
  • "All is Gone" - This song plays on a radio in the movie.
  • "Dirty Last Night" - Played on a car radio in one scene, this final track is perfectly fine, though it has apparently vanished from YouTube.

Still Lost: All the instrumentals, and the identity of the singer of "Time to Turn Around".


The Original Songs From PROM NIGHT


The Original Songs From PROM NIGHT(Part 2)

note the muddy sound of the second track


PROM NIGHT (1980) ~ Music from the film


Prom Night Soundtrack (1980)- All Is Gone

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