Pokémon is one of the most well known and beloved franchises in gaming, and the original 151 Pokémon are considered some of the best designs for characters in any RPG series. But like all projects, the lovable little monsters went through a lot of changes, and some were removed completely.

Early Concepts


Prototype Logo of the original name of the series, Capsule Monsters

Pokemon first saw the light of day as a personal project of Satoshi Tajiri called "Capsule Monsters", In this early version of the idea, we can see many Pokémon that were simply redesigned like Gengar, Blastoise, Staryu and Lapras. However, some designs seem to be completely unused. Most of these Pokeéon are simple sketches, and may not have been intended to be included in the final game.
  • Papyo - 


    Not much is known about this design, although it looks to be some kind of Water or Electric type. Its Pokédex number is 211.
  • Buhi -


    Again, not much is known about this Pokémon. It is similar in design to Pikachu, and its Pokédex number is 124, the same as Jynx in the final version.

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The 39 Formatted Pokémon

At a fan convention in 2010, Shigeki Morimoto (the lead programmer of the first Pokémon games) confirmed that there were originally 190 Pokémon intended to be included in the release of the First Generation of Pokémon games. This is backed up by the fact that for the first 190 of the 255 slots in the hex grid of Pokémon, all slots possess either a valid Pokémon, or the same form of Missingno. All 191 slots and later contain garbage data that produce different glitch Pokémon in each slot.

If a certain glitch is performed when trading between the First and Second generation games, Missingno. will appear in Gold or Silver as a Second Generation Pokémon. However, in the same interview, Morimoto also stated that some Pokémon on the hex list in Generation 1 were not intended for those games (including Ho-Oh). This means that either the Pokémon that filled those spaces when they were formatted are completely different from the ones seen in the index list, or they are indeed the same Pokémon that are used in Generation 2.


A picture of one of the many forms of Missingno.

Interestingly, the original cries for the 39 missing Pokemon remain in-game, although the rest of their data have been removed. Several of the cries are noted to be extremely similar to several Generation 2 Pokémon cries, further supporting the theory that some of the scrapped Pokémon were recycled for Gold and Silver.
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