Lost Media Archive

Prove Me Wrong was a book on Wattpad about the Countryhumans ship Rusame. Many Countryhumans fans enjoyed it, but it disappeared from Wattpad mysteriously. The only thing remaining was a fake copy of the book, which was there before Prove Me Wrong was removed.

What Was Recovered

Since the fake book of Prove Me Wrong was still existent once the book was deleted, we still have the old cover of Prove Me Wrong. However, the new cover likely won't surface.


The main plot was America trying to prove Russia that he wasn't actually straight. There are also some scenes that were remembered:

  • Russia being carried by a wheelbarrow into school. It was said that Ukraine dumped him onto the floor and said, "Don't ask".
  • Japan breaking the fourth wall for an entire chapter.
  • A game of truth-or-dare.
  • An entire page with fanart.
  • America running into the snow and away from Russia because of his (America's) dark and unusual eyes.

Why It Was Removed

It was thought that the book might have been removed because the account was terminated or deleted. But no one would take down their account without warning, so maybe it was that the account was terminated for some reason. Either that, or the book was deleted. It may also be possible that they wanted to re-make the book, since some of the chapters in the past were different from current chapters. However, a new book has not been made.

I don't know a lot about what happened to Prove Me Wrong, so if there was an announcement for it being taken down, I didn't see it. And if I break any rules or anything, let me know. -SubzeroC