Psycho Extended Scene

Psycho Extended Scene

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece, Psycho, despite being a financial success, was the subject of much controversy due to the rarely seen amount or violence any film ever had before. The film was heavily edited do be less violent and dark in many territories, including the United Kingdom. The film, unlike being 109 minutes in length as of today, would've been much longer with these scenes, possibly making the full theatrical cut 115 or 116 minutes long. The real number of how long the original film was at it's release is not known.

Psycho Extended Scene -2

Psycho Extended Scene -2

However, many scenes or parts of scenes from the original film were removed and have never been seen on VHS or DVD, or even cinema re-releases. These scenes included:

1. More character development scenes for Norman Bates

2. An extended version of the infamous shower scene, including a view of Marion Crane's bare breasts. This might have been cut due to the U.S.'s censors back in the 60's.

3. An extended version of the car drive scene, including an encounter with a truck driver

4. Norman hiding the body of Arbogast, the detective who was looking for Marion

5. Norman washing more blood off his hands while hiding Mary's body (Available in the German dub)

6. Marion's boyfriend, Sam goes to see Norman at his hotel

7. Norma Bates stabbing the detective more times (Available in the German dub)

8. Lila on a longer track through Norman's house (Including his childhood room, the basement, and the bathroom)

9. Alfred Hitchcock making a cameo as one of the police officers at the sheriff's office

None of these scenes have ever been seen since the original release of the film and to this day they remain lost.

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