Pudding toast is a pitch made by We bare bears creator Daniel Chong during his time at Nickelodeon.


According to him he made it in 2012 after "being in development for three years... was buried in notes constantly" and even made two pilots for his pitch and it was ultimately turned down by Nickelodeon and the pilots have not been released since. The only evidence of its existence is from a tweet from August 9th 2020 with a background image done by artist BENJAMIN PLOUFFE. He stated in a reply the key reason it was never picked up was the exec his team was working with was replaced.

The background image is the only visual that has ever resurfaced, the story, characters, tone and crew who worked on it remains unknown.

Despite it's obscurity Daniel said in his tweet "One of these days, i'll post my never released Nickelodeon pilot" implying he has plans to one day get in released.

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