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Zack & Quack is a Nick Jr. show about a resourceful 7-year-old Zack who lives in a pop-up book with his best friend,quack


Quick Quack Duck Trailer

Quack, a curious young duck. The world of the book is full of fantastic surprises -- exciting, unexpected things happening with the pull of each tab. All of Zack's adventures begin in the pop-up treehouse in his backyard, which can turn into just about anything, from a playroom to a kitchen or a make-believe castle. New locations pop up as necessary as the story unfolds. Joining Zack and Quack on their escapades are 8-year-old neighbor Kira, who loves paper and everything that can be done with it, and acrobatic squirrel sisters Hop and Skip, who always playfully try to outdo each other. Zack can find a solution to any problem he encounters, which is a good trait for someone that goes on as many adventures as he does, because he's bound to encounter many obstacles along the way.

Before the show aired in 2014, there was a test pilot back in 2011. Video to proof.