Lost Media Archive

RSD Game-Maker is a game engine made for DOS produced between 1991, & 1995 by a company called Recreational Software Designs, & sold through mail order in the USA by KD Software. The engine was also distributed in other markets like UK, Canada, Belgium, Singapore, & South Korea. It is in fact, the first DOS-based game engine made for the basic user, & also the first to allow any genre to be made using it.

Due to the fact that very few people know about this engine now-in-days, it's no doubt that most of the games on it would be lost to time. Some games have been found however as can be seen below with the creators of the games put in round brackets.

A website does exist which has more info on these games, which can be seen right here.


4 To Save Toon Land(PPP Team)

A-J 3(A-J Games)

A-J's Quest(A-J Games)

Adam '96(Alan Caudel)

Adam '97(Alan Caudel)

Adam '99(Alan Caudel)

Adam 2000(Alan Caudel)

Adam 98(Alan Caudel)

Adam's B-Day 3: the Saga Continues(Alan Caudel)

Adam's Birthday Game(Alan Caudel)

Adam's Birthday Saga Continues(Alan Caudel)

Advanced Techniques Demo(Alan Caudel)

Adventure(Alan Caudel)

Adventures In Melgratta(Sherwood Forest Software)

Adventures of Fred Earwigian(A-J Games)

Air-Strike 42(Sherwood Forest Software)

Alan '95(Adam Tyner)

Alan '96(Adam Tyner)

Alan B-Day(Adam Tyner)

Alan Fun Game!(Adam Tyner)

Alan!(Adam Tyner)

All Quiet(Matt Bell)

Amaze-Ing(Sherwood Forest Software)

Andy In Asunderland(Roger Levy)

Animation(Recreational Software Designs)

Anime(Brandon Enterprises)

Anyworld 1(Gary Acord)

Arcade Ricky(Dwight Sanchez)

B(Alan Caudel)

Badman(PPP Team)

Badman 2: He's Back Again!(PPP Team)

Badman 3: Badboys Are Back!(PPP Team)

Ballie D. Plumber Episode 1: Ballie In D. Pipes(Terry Chatman)

Barracuda: Secret Mission 1(Mark A. Janelle)

Baxter Vs. the Brain Snatching Aliens(John Donald Carlucci)

Bear Fun Show(Adam Tyner)

Benny(Matt Wears)

Beware the Gremlin(A-J Games)

Big Bob's Drive-In(Sherwood Forest Software)

Big Fat Tank!(Alan Caudel)

Biokid(PPP Team)

Bionic ComMANdo(Alan Caudel)

Blinky 2: the Return of Blinky(Jeremy LaMar)

Blinky 3(Jeremy LaMar)

Blip!(Adam Tyner)

Blipp In: Power Panic!(Dattorz)


Blork Carnage: The Adventure of Jack Booster(PPP Team)

BM(James Faux)

Bone!(Adam Tyner)

Bounerium(Don'Pan Software)

Breakout: the Rescue(Kevin Vance)

Bubble & Squeak(Jeneric Rules)

Builder(A-J Games)

Calimero 2(PPP Team)

Capn Zapn 1: Kosmik Journeys(Gary Acord)

Castle Test(Don'Pan Software)

Caves(Stefan Meisse)

CGA Hell(Adam Tyner)

Cireneg's Rings(Don'Pan Software)

Clyde & Zeke(A-J Games)

Coin Toss!(Alan Caudel)

Commander Xeen(PPP Team)

Complete Bone Adventures(Alan Caudel)

Cosmo War(PPP Team)

Crullo: Adventures of a Donut(A-J Games)

Crystal Mania 4: Space Pirates From the Planet of the Pygmie People(James W. Morris)

Crystal Quest: Thal's Quest For Crystals(M & R Inc.)

DD4: Canadian Boxing Day(Alan Caudel)

Dead Awakening(Sean McNulty)

Descent(David Barras)

Desert Defender(Sheldon Chase)

Dexter the Alligator(Matt Wears)

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Was Taken By a Vampire One Night(A-J Games)

Die Blarney!(Felix Leung)

Dino Hunt(Sherwood Forest Software)

Dogs 1(Gary Acord)

Doom(Alan Caudel)

Dragon Ball Z 2: the Death of Vegeta(PPP Team)

Draw(Alan Caudel)

Droid(Brandon Enterprises)

DropBlok(Alan Caudel)

Dummy Duck 2(Alan Caudel)

Dummy Duck 3(Alan Caudel)

Dummy Duck 5(Alan Caudel)

Dummy Duck 7(Alan Caudel)

Dungeon Erghuck(Janet l. Groth Productions)

Dusk Rose(Don'Pan Software)

Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers(Sheldon Chase)

Eclypse(Eclypse Games)

Ego Force(Eclypse Games)

Explorer Jacko(Don'Pan Software)

F1 Eater Mania(PPP Team)

FallDownGoBoom(Alan Caudel)

Fantastic Adventures of Byron Solomon(Jeneric Rules)

Farmer!(Alan Caudel)

Fireaxe(Alan Caudel)

Firefall(Firefall Softwarez)

Fireworks(Roger Levy)

Fluffy Ralph(A-J Games)

Flying Guts(Marty Valenti)

Fox Party(Brandon Enterprises)

Fox World(Brandon Enterprises)

Foxy Dimensions(Brandon Enterprises)

Friction(A-J Games)

Frisbounce(Adam Tyner)

Froggy Story(PPP Team)

Game-Maker Demo(Recreational Software Designs)

Game-Maker Graphics Tools(The Doctor)

Game-Maker Tutor(Recreational Software Designs)

Gapper(James Faux)

Glubada Pond(A-J Games)

Godzilla(Alan Caudel)

Gridline(Don'Pan Software)

Hamsterman(Alan Caudel)

Havok(James Faux)

Head 1(Gary Acord)

Hi-Tech Demo(Kevin Vance)

Houses(Recreational Software Designs)

Hurdles(Roland Ludlam)

Icemare With Sgt. Super(Gary Acord)


Invasion of the Blobs!(Mike Perrucci)

Invasion of the Blobs 2: the Evolution Revolution(Mike Perrucci)

Jario!(Don'Pan Software)

Jaxson Zoose 1: Zapped By the Light(Gary Acord)

Jet Driver(Matthew Groves)

Jet!(Alan Caudel)

John's Archaeological Adventures - Episode 1: the Tomb(Roland Ludlam)

Jon '95(Adam Tyner)

Kirk Voodia(Kevin Vance)

KonoTest(Roger Levy)

Kozmo Kat(Alan Caudel)

Legend of Budd(Alan Caudel)

Legend of Zelda: Harry's Awakening(T3 Software)

Lighting(Alan Caudel)

Lil' Choklit Donit Man In: Choklit Terror!!(Alan Caudel)

Linear Volume(Don'Pan Software)

Link Vs. Gannon(Don'Pan Software)

Luigi's Heroic Debut!(Mike Perrucci)

Major Marvel 1(Gary Acord)

Man Game(Alan Caudel)

Man Game Fire!(Alan Caudel)

Man Game RPG(Alan Caudel)

Man Game Stairs(Alan Caudel)

Maria Sister(Mary Martin)

Marley's Quest(Matthew Saul)

McKenna Chronicles(A-J Games)

Mech(Roland Ludlam)

Metals Torm(Alan Caudel)

Mine-Maker(Alan Caudel)

Mist(James Faux)

Mister Spiff(Adam Tyner)

Mister Spiff 3: Freeze! Mother! Freeze!(Adam Tyner)

Mister Spiff 4(Adam Tyner)

Moonchild(James Faux)

Mortal Harvey(James Faux)

Mr. Berkel Derkel!(Alan Caudel)

Mr. Chalk(James Faux)

Mystery Mansion(Matthew Groves)

Nathan Rocks!(Alan Caudel)

NBA Jams!(Alan Caudel)

Nebula(Recreational Software Designs)

Nejillian Flux(Don'Pan Software)

Ninja(Yurik Nestoly)

Ninja Tuck(A-J Games)

Ninja Tuck 2: Booka(A-J Games)

Nuke(Yurik Nestoly)

Octolris(A-J Games)

Off the Page(Alan Caudel)

Operation Killbot(Don'Pan Software)

Operation Tiger(Sherwood Forest Software)

Orb: the Derelict Planet(Joshua Eric Turcotte)

Overworld(Don'Pan Software)

Pac(A-J Games)

Pakdream 1(Gary Acord)

Pakmon(Gary Acord)

Palladia: the Game(Alan Caudel)

Panzer 1945(PPP Team)

Panzer 2019(PPP Team)

Panzer 3(PPP Team)

Paper Airplane(Matt Bell)

Parsec Man 3D(Mark Hadley)

Party of Four(Mike Perrucci)

Patchwork Heart(A-J Games)

PC-Man's World(Erwin Bergervoet)

Peach the Lobster(A-J Games)

Pedestrian Panic(Sherwood Forest Software)

Penguin Pete(Recreational Software Designs)

Penguin War(Brandon Enterprises)

PersiaTron(Jeneric Rules)

Pipemare(Recreational Software Designs)


Pipes(Roy Sr. Person)

Popa: Invasion if the Green Things From Ickubackal(Matthew Saul)

Power Budd!(Alan Caudel)

Power Fights A.C.: Power Moves 2(Alan Caudel)

Power Flux(Adam Tyner)

Preggers(Sherwood Forest Software)

Progress Or Congress(Mark Hadley)

Puzzle(James Faux)

QiQ: Peace Please(Erwin Bergervoet)

Raiden 2(Alan Caudel)

Rascal(Jon Bolden)

Rascal In Numberland(Sherwood Forest Software)

Rascal's Alphamaze(Sherwood Forest Software)

Raven(Brandon Enterprises)

Renxo Booper In Booperland(Fernando Sarmiento)

Reptalia(Antares Bros.)

Return of the Jedi(Alan Caudel)

Ricci's Cow Hunt(A-J Games)

Roady Rabbit 2(Chris Laviolette)

Robo Wars(Sherwood Forest Software)

Robo-Wars(Alan Caudel)

Rocket(Matt Bell)

Rocket Fighter(Sherwood Forest Software)

Rodip: Rover of the Deep(A-J Games)

Roll the Dice(Alan Caudel)

Rooftop(Alan Caudel)

RPG Test(Roger Levy)

Safari Sam: Jungle Explorer(Sherwood Forest Software)

Sample(Recreational Software Designs)

Santa Is Back!(Ronnie Toon)

Scurvy the Squirrel(Alan Caudel)

Seal Boarders(Brandon Enterprises)

Seal Boarders 2(Brandon Enterprises)

Section-Z(James Faux)

Shanna(Angelo Felix)


Shootout At Dodge(Sherwood Forest Software)

Shoplifter 2: the Second Caper(Sherwood Forest Software)

Shorty Da Pimp: Aliens Stole My Hoe!(Terry Chatman)

Sign of the Hedgehog(A-J Games)

Sign of the Hedgehog 2(A-J Games)

Skate Board(Brandon Enterprises)

Skatenig(Brandon Enterprises)

Ski(Alan Caudel)

Slinker(David Wallin)

Slot Car(Brandon Enterprises)

Snake(Alan Caudel)

Sneaky(Alan Caudel)

Space Cadet(Matthew Groves)

Space Harrier(Alan Caudel)

Spacecraft 1(Gary Acord)

Star Avenger (Adam Tyner, Alan Caudel)

Star Avenger 2(Adam Tyner, Alan Caudel)

Star Avenger 3(Adam Tyner, Alan Caudel)

Star Avenger 4(Adam Tyner, Alan Caudel)

Star Wars(Yurik Nestoly)

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi(Alan Caudel)

Stickman Die!!(Alan Caudel)

Stickman!!! Die(Yurik Nestoly)

Street Wolf 1(Gary Acord)

Super Hamster: Curse of the Kooky Cult(James W. Morris)

Superheroes 1(Gary Acord)

Sushi-X Breaks Loose(Don'Pan Software)

Teatime Game(James Hoffmann)

Terra(Brandon Enterprises)

Terrain(Recreational Software Designs)

Terror Tower(Rylie James Thomas)

Thunder-Snot Johnny(James Faux)

Time After Time(Antares Bros.)

Timecode(Alan Caudel)

Tony And Me(Don'Pan Software)

Trees(Alan Caudel)

Twinbee Land(PPP Team)

Twister, argh!(Yurik Nestoly)

Ultimare 1(Gary Acord)

Ulysses(Brandon Enterprises)

Unicorn Bird(Jeneric Rules)

Viki: Escape From Videoland(Ronnie Toon)

Virtual Apartment(Alan Caudel)

Virtual Mario(Dylan Durdle)

Void Raiders(Brandon Enterprises)

Watch Me Die!(A-J Games)

What the...!?!(Adam Tyner)

Woman Warrior And the Attack From Below(Sheldon Chase)

Woman Warrior And the Outer Limits(Sheldon Chase)

Wordlock(Mike Perrucci)

Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg(Felix Leung)

Yuphex(Matt Bell)

Yurik 2(Yurik Nestoly)

Zapak 1: the Zap-Pack!(Gary Acord)

Zapman 1: the Fantastic Zapman(Gary Acord)

Zapper 4: Escape From Neverwhere(Gary Acord)

Zapper 4-B: Holy Neverwhere!(Gary Acord)

Zark(A-J Games)

Zarlor 2(Brandon Enterprises)

Zoom the Super Bear(A-J Games)


Adventures of Kody & Tika(Chris Laviolette)

Arctic Survival(Matt Bell)

Armadillos(Ron Cavagnaro)

Barney Spoof(Matt Bell)

Bird of Prey(T3 Software)

Blinky(Jeremy LaMar)

Blinky 4(Jeremy LaMar)

Bloodwar(PPP Team)

Bounty Hunter(Ron Cavagnaro)

Christmas Sheep(Ron Cavagnaro)

Crystal Mania 5(James W. Morris)

Crystal Mania 6(James W. Morris)

Cyborg Empire(Justin Meisse)

Dragon Ball Z(PPP Team)

Dude(T3 Software)

Dudle(David Wallin)

Fantasy Adventure Games(James W. Morris)

Fat Boy(T3 Software)

Firehouse(Jon Bolden)

Futurboy(PPP Team)

Greek(Jon Bolden)

Hoverboard Game(James W. Morris)

Invasion of the Blobs 3: Zib Rolls On!(Mike Perrucci)

Invasion of the Blobs 3: Zib Springs Into Action!(Mike Perrucci)

Jet-Pack(Jeremy LaMar)

Jetpack Game(James W. Morris)

Jon Bon Jovi(Jon Bolden)

Justoman(Justin Meisse)

Martin Bros.(PPP Team)

Mister Spiff 2(Adam Tyner)

Mystery Caves(Matthew Groves)

Ofer(Matt Bell)

Orb 2(Joshua Eric Turcotte)

Pac-Mania(Ciro Duran)

Pogman(Chris Laviolette)

Prison Game(Ciro Duran)

Questor(Adam Tyner)

Questor 2(Adam Tyner)

Questor 3(Adam Tyner)

Roady Rabbit 3(Chris Laviolette)

Saturn Challenge(Chris Laviolette)

Sonic the Hedgehog Tribute(Chris Laviolette)

Space Cadet 2(Matthew Groves)

Space Cadet 3(Matthew Groves)

Spector(PPP Team)

Sperm Game(Matt Bell)

Star Wars Tribute(T3 Software)

Superhero Game(James W. Morris)

Super Mario 5(T3 Software)

Tank Battle(Jeremy LaMar)

Techno Pac-Man(Chris Laviolette)

Undersea Exploration Game(James W. Morris)

Untitled Kirby Game(T3 Software)

Untitled Platformer(Ciro Duran)

Untitled Winnie the Pooh Game(T3 Software)

Viki: Adventures In Space City(Ronnie Toon)

Viki: Hot Balloon(Ronnie Toon)

Viki: Lost In Hidden Maze(Ronnie Toon)

Viki: Madness In Crazy Town(Ronnie Toon)

Viki: Return To Bubble Land(Ronnie Toon)

Viki: Revenge of the Chomp Chomp Monster(Ronnie Toon)

Weird Worlds(Matt Dabrowski)

World Warriors(Chris Laviolette)

Yuphex 2(Matt Bell)

Zackpin(David Carchedi)

Zackpin 2(David Carchedi)

Existence Unconfirmed

Attack of the Killer Dandelions(Sherwood Forest Software)

Barracuda 2: the Escape(Mark A. Janelle)

Barracuda 3(Mark A. Janelle)

Baxter And Art Gecco(John Donald Carlucci)

Bonus Game(David Barras)

Bonus Game(Mark Hadley)

Bonus Game(Roland Ludlam)

Bonus Game(Roy Sr. Person)

Chad's Crazy Adventure(Sean McNulty)

Cube(Joshua Eric Turcotte)

Demonika(Sean McNulty)

Dungeon Game(Recreational Software Designs)

Eco-Warrior(Mark Donald)

Isometric Game(Recreational Software Designs)

John's Archaeological Adventures 2(Roland Ludlam)

John's Archaeological Adventures 3(Roland Ludlam)

Kirk Voodia 2(Kevin Vance)

Labyrinth(Recreational Software Designs)

Lost Games(Daniel Turner)

Lost Games(Kevin Vance)

Lost Games(Tyner Pantella)

Monkey Mission: Project Replevin(Sean McNulty)

Old Rimshaw Place(Sherwood Forest Software)

Scrolling Shooter(Matt Tasker)

Scrubber(Dwight Sanchez)

Shoplifter(Sherwood Forest Software)

Solar Quest(Roy Sr. Person)

Ultimate Off-Road Racing(Erwin Bergervoet)

Unknown Game(Dean Tersigini)

Virtual Zelda(Dylan Durdle)

Way Out Willy's Circus(Sherwood Forest Software)

Don't Exist

Bonus Game(Terry Chatman)

Bounerium 2: the Bounce Back(Don'Pan Software)

Funn(Erwin Bergervoet)

Geen Zuurstof(Erwin Bergervoet)

Peach the Lobster 2(A-J Games)

Ralph 2: Earth Is Near(A-J Games)

Snowkid Flake(Fernando Sarmiento)

Zoom 2: Enter Zip(A-J Games)

Footage, & others

An advertisement of the engine.


Mr. Chalk

Mr.Chalk gameplay


Breakout The Rescue

Breakout: the Rescue gameplay


Ricci's Cow Hunt

Ricci's Cow Hunt gameplay



Puzzle gameplay



Hurdles gameplay



KonoTest gameplay


Kozmo Kat

Kozmo Kat gameplay


Metals Torm

Metals Torm gameplay



Gridline gameplay


Adventures in Melgratta

Adventures In Melgratta gameplay


Mike Perrucci's Wordlock

Wordlock gameplay


Crystal Quest Thal's Quest for the Crystals

Crystal Quest gameplay


Foxy Dimensions

Foxy Dimensions gameplay


Rocket Fighter

Rocket Fighter gameplay



Firefall gameplay


Capn Zapn

Capn Zapn gameplay


The Patchwork Heart

Patchwork Heart gameplay


Alan Caudel's Sneaky

Sneaky gameplay


The Head

Head 1 gameplay


RSD Game-Maker v3.0

Footage of v3.0 of the engine in action alongside Pipemare.


Game-Maker Tutor

Game-Maker Tutor gameplay


Peach the Lobster

Peach the Lobster gameplay


The McKenna Chronicles

McKenna Chronicles gameplay