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Ralf And Florian the Kraftwerk sitcom

Ralf And Florian the Kraftwerk sitcom

The pilot episode.

Ralf & Florian
is a lost 1981 sitcom starring Ralf Hutter and Florian Schnider and is about the electronic music band Kraftwerk's daily businesses, and only one episode was produced which is the pilot "We Are Ze Robots". It is 3 minutes and 21 seconds long and shows Florian and the other band members dancing at a discotheque instead of buying a musical pocket calculator which Ralf really wants. In 2009, a YouTube user by the name of Paul Thorpe discovered a copy of the sole episode on Betamax produced in "a yard and car boot sale in Dusseldorf" and converted it so it could be uploaded to YouTube. Reportedly, the container the Betamax tape containing the episode was in had a piece of duct tape with "Destroy this at once." written on it in German in marker on the front of the container. The next episode of the series was to be called "We're Driving A Flag On Ze Freeway", the plot for the episode was that Ralf insists that they travel to the next gig by car, while Florian and the others get on the express. Another episode, entitled "We Celebrate Ze Christmas" was unproduced, the plot was that Ralf and the others stay home and celebrate Christmas with Craig Ferguson.
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