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Ranger Rick is a children's science and nature magazine created by the National Wildlife Federation. Published since 1967, every issue features a comic (formerly short story) series featuring the mascot, a raccoon called Ranger Rick. In every issue, he and his animal friends encounter and find solutions to environmental problems. Alongside the 1970's commercial, a live-action/stop-motion PBS special which was partially found on YouTube by the NWF, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsIPlO40dFI&feature=share at 5:48.


Tom: How'ya doin' partner!
Ranger Rick: Real fine, Tom! So about now or an hour ago, that's when Ollie found about the missing eagle.
Tom: Well, how did you find out, you haven't told anybody yet!
Ranger Rick: You have Lester, I have Ollie!


  • It is unknown who Tom or Lester are. However, it is likely that Tom is Ranger Tom, a character from the magazine from the 1970s.[1]