Ranger Rick is a children's science and nature magazine created by the National Wildlife Federation. Published since 1967, every issue features a comic (formerly short story) series featuring the mascot, a raccoon called Ranger Rick. In every issue, he and his animal friends encounter and find solutions to environmental problems. There exists a partially found 2d animated TV commercial featuring the characters, which was partially found on YouTube by the NWF, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsIPlO40dFI&feature=share at 0:00 and 5:34.

Known Lyrics

Lyrics in red are true lyrics. The white lyrics are estimated.

Ranger Rick and his Merry Band
Lived on the edge of Storyland
In the Deep Green Wood
By the green and picture
Of all tree and pond
Out of the woods so deep

Forest animals: A dialogue!
We did not need to-to-to!
Ranger Rick (spoken): The only simple matter of interpreting our chatter.
And hearing with your eyes, not just your ears.


  • The appearance of Ranger Rick has changed drastically over the years. He has evolved from having a catlike face and brown fur, then yellow with an oval face, then he turned gray and his ranger/cowboy hat became a green cap, then CGI, and currently a stylized version of the earliest design.[1]
    • Additionaly, the current logo of the National Wildlife Federation's current logo is a silhouette of Ranger Rick.[2]
  • Mainstay characters Scarlett Fox and Boomer Badger do not appear in the commercials, as they were added around 10 years later.[3] [4]
  • The other characters identified in the commercial either do not appear in the magazines or are removed. Namely, they are Ollie Otter[5], an unnamed otter in a trenchcoat, Sammy Squirrel [6](wearing a hat here for some reason), an unnamed mouse, Zelda Opossum[7], another unnamed otter, an unnamed female raccoon, and an unnamed owl (presumably Wise Old Owl[8]).
  • The magazine series still exists and is currently 54 years old.[9]
  • The magazine series was based on the book "The Adventures of Rick Raccoon" back in 1958, by the late J.A. "Ash" Brownridge (1917-2015), also known as John A. Morris.[10]


  • Due to the limited budget used in the animation, Ranger Rick's tail is gone in some shots. Also, his hat is colored green, unlike the magazine during the time, where he wore a brown hat. Additionally, his ears are inside his hat, while they stick out in the magazines.





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