In Wee Sing Videos, There Was A Rare Animated Characters From Wee Sing,

And Named Singaling & Warbly.


Wee Singdom New Opening


Wee Sing Animal Songs New Ending (Remastered)

This is said to be extremely rare to find and a video of this has not surfaced,

The Animated Characters Was Found In Animal Songs & Classic Songs.

The Real Live Action Characters From Wee Singdom Into The Rare Animated Characters Before The Songs.

It's Not A Pilot Pitch Or A Early Test Or A Demo Of An Episode, It's A Rare Animation.

& The Rare Animation Can Been Found In The Wee Singdom Opening. It's Rare!

The Rare Animation Can Been Seen In Dailymotion.

& The 2 Characters Can Been Seen In 1996 VHS Tapes From Wee Sing

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