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Ratz is a French-Canadian animated series created by Monsieur Z and produced by Xilam Animation in 2003. There is an English dub of the show, but only a few episodes are on YouTube. As for the remainder of the series' dub, it's really hard to find.

UPDATE 05/12/2018: The Episode, Rolling! and Other 26 Episodes, Are Found!

UPDATE 23/12/2018 The Episode Pearls Before RATZ Is Found!

UPDATE 27/01/2019: The Episode "Treasure Hunt" Is Found!

UPDATE 24/03/2019: The Episode "2001, A Cheese Odyssey" and other 20 Episodes, are found!

UPDATE: 09/08/2020: Added the Episode "Out of Gas" but the episode "Raz, the Prince of Darkness" has yet to be found


  1. The Rat Exterminator (FOUND)
  2. Tomo the Sumo (FOUND)
  3. Friends for Life (FOUND)
  4. Mackerel Blues (FOUND)
  5. Loop Da Loop (FOUND)
  6. Hi Chick! (FOUND)
  7. Ragamuffin (FOUND)
  8. The Little Orphan (FOUND)
  9. The Ugly Wormling (FOUND)
  10. The Thief Who Came From The Cold (FOUND)
  11. Stuck On You (FOUND)
  12. Techno-Armadillos (FOUND)
  13. Queen For a Day (FOUND)
  14. Eat as You Can (FOUND)
  15. Cheese Connection (FOUND)
  16. The Godfathers (FOUND)
  17. So-Called Christmas Spirit (FOUND)
  18. Panic Mouse (FOUND)
  19. Love Thy Neighbors (FOUND)
  20. The Rat Who Would Be King (FOUND)
  21. Three to Tango (FOUND)
  22. Kung-Fu Muenster (FOUND)
  23. The Night Of The Toxic Goudas (FOUND)
  24. Cheese Dreams? (FOUND)
  25. The Mermaids' Song (FOUND)
  26. Canned Tuna (FOUND)
  27. Rolling! (FOUND)
  28. Pearls Before RATZ (FOUND)
  29. Treasure Hunt (FOUND)
  30. 2001, A Cheese Odyssey (FOUND)
  31. The HitchHiker (FOUND)
  32. The Legend Of Ratman (FOUND)
  33. For Ernest (FOUND)
  34. The CheeseBall Champ (FOUND)
  35. The Curse of Rachamac (FOUND)
  36. Monkey Business (FOUND)
  37. Sweet Freedom (FOUND)
  38. The Genie (FOUND)
  39. The Duel (FOUND)
  40. Razmo's Ark (FOUND)
  41. STOP! (FOUND)
  42. Rabbit Rampage (FOUND)
  43. The Motivational Lobster (FOUND)
  44. Best Laid Plains of Ratz and Men (FOUND)
  45. Biohazard (FOUND)
  46. The Year of The Rat (FOUND)
  47. Screws Loose (FOUND)
  48. Catch A Falling Star (FOUND)
  49. Benny's Special (FOUND)
  50. Cheese Overboard (FOUND)
  51. Out of Gas (FOUND)