Recess "The Break In" Pilot (Partially Found Unaired 1996 Pitch Version)

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Like most series, Recess had a variety of character designs in development. Having greenlit Recess without a pilot, and scheduled it for inclusion in the One Saturday Morning programming block, Disney needed footage to promote the series.

The company provided an unidentified animator or team of animators with out of date storyboards for "The Break In", the series' first episode. Those few seconds of animation were shown in the promotional spot. Nothing further was animated. This "Sneak Peek" ABC Saturday Mornings promo viewable on 1997 VHS releases of 101 Dalmatians (1996) and "Doug's Birthday Blues" (and possibly on station IDs for certain ABC stations).

These segments have been misinterpreted as a lost pilot, where none exists. This was clarified by series co-creator Paul Germain.[1]

A piece of concept art for Vince's design, as seen in the temporary animation, can be seen on "The Top Ten Secrets of Disney's Recess", a featurette included on the Recess: School's Out! DVD release.

Sneak peek at 101 Dalmatians The Series and Recess (early 1997)
The aforementioned sneak peek video, containing clips from the original pilot. Sneak peek at 101 Dalmatians The Series and Recess (early 1997)
Concept art of Vince's earlier design used in the pilot, taken from "The Top Ten Secrets of Disney's Recess".
  1. Is the Recess pilot real?, Paul Germain on Tumblr, ca. 2018.
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