Red House Painters Album "Rollercoaster" (Missing 1990s Tracks; Existence Unconfirmed)

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Rollercoaster album art.

The Red House Painters' Rollercoaster is very widely considered Mark Kozelek's masterpiece album, but like many Kozelek-related productions, the project went through many changes and has a lot of missing material. Unlike a lot of the other albums whose material have either been bootlegged or at least confirmed by the singer-songwriter, the missing tracks of Rollercoaster have yet to be acknowledged. Their existence may very well have validity, however.

Rollercoaster was one of 2 self titled Red House Painters releases from 1993. The other album, Bridge seems to have lyrical content that was very close in nature to that of Rollercoaster. In truth, both albums' material are from the same exact recording sessions. What is not confirmed is the commonly-circulating fan theory that Rollercoaster was actually supposed to be a double album comprising of tracks that also appeared on Bridge. The track selection was also allegedly supposed to be in a different order.

Then there's the really strange fact that many fans have claimed to have heard some lost tracks that were intended for the Rollercoaster album. This is not as farfetched as many would claim it to be. Old Ramon was meant to be a double album and has confirmed missing tracks. 4AD Records may also have compromised Kozelek's artistic vision of the album, much like they compromised Songs For a Blue Guitar. Kozelek has never been asked about these tracks, so the validity of this album even containing lost tracks is still unknown. Nevertheless, the production behind Rollercoaster remains an enigma to many music historians as Kozelek almost never goes into great detail about it's production.

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