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How the logo looked at the end

Regal Entertainment Group is a company that owns a chain of movie theaters of the same name as well as runs multiple theater chains such as Edwards Theatres and United Artists Theaters. Most people are very familiar with the popular original roller coaster policy trailer (both the 90s version and the 2010 version) aswell as the 2015 roller coaster trailer. People are also familiar with the cell phone policy trailer which is used to cue the projector and was known to have a sponsor from AT&T then Sprint. However, there was another policy trailer and even another cell phone trailer that was used between the discontinuation of the 90s roller coaster and the introduction of the 2010 roller coaster trailers that has not resurfaced in full.

The policy trailer features a guitar theme as a female announcer goes through many of Regal's rules, regulations, gift cards, and what's available at the snack bar. The trailer ends with Regal logo panning into a theater curtain background which lifted up to show a wavy stary sky in the original 2004 version. They later made an alternate version of the trailer (possibly in 2006 or 2007) where the wavy star animation was replaced by a series of colorful laser like animations. The trailer would fade out when the announcer says the your feature presentation will begin after the following previews.

The cell phone policy trailer is very similar to the current one minus a few differences. The cell phone policy originally featured the regal logo floating infront of a star background that waves (much like the end of the original version of the policy trailer) and used a stary jingly version of the policy trailer music. Originally, the trailer didn't have a sponcer at all however, regal partnered with cingular (now known as AT&T) in 2005 and they added the cingular logo as well as it's slogan "raising the bar" to the trailer.

The only know footage of the policy trailer is one vid (down) that only shows a portion of the trailer in terrible quality as well as a flickr vid that show 90% of the trailer in an extremely small screen. The cell phone policy is completely lost with no videos or screenshots surfaced.

On Youtube, Kaden Vanciel said: I think I recall the logo background being blue-ish in someway, and the music being somewhat synth (I think with some synth violin or something similar), having D followed by G with something in between. I might recall the logo rippling(there were ripple sounds in the original) before the Cingular logo shows up, with a second ripple before the announcer says that the "feature presentation will begin momentarily". One more ripple.