Requires Only That You Hate was a blog featuring reviews of science-fiction and fantasy novels. It was known for its hyperbolic and often violent rhetoric and its frequent personal attacks on authors. Run by an individual calling themselves "A Cracked Moon" or "Requires Hate," the site ran from 2010 to around 2014. The site is still online, but many of the more controversal or vicious reviews have been selectively edited or deleted.

In October 2014, it was discovered that the reviewer behind "Requires Only That You Hate" was sci-fi/fantasy author Benjanun Sriduangkaew. Sriduangekaew posted an apology to those she had hurt on the Requires Hate website. In the subsequent investigation of Sriduangkaew's many online personae, it was discovered that many of the original Requires Hate entries had been systematically removed prior to the apology as a form of damage control. Many of these deleted reviews involved authors with whom Sriduangkaew, in her professional persona, now worked directly. These reviews often contained accusations that the author in question was racist or sexist, and some included suggestions that the authors or their fans should be attacked, killed, or violently maimed due to the quality of the writing.

Ongoing efforts have been made to recover the deleted reviews, some of which can still be partially viewed via the Internet Wayback machine. Many of the earliest and most violent reviews, however, appear to be lost for good; these include original versions of reviews that were subsequently censored or toned down by Sriduangkaew.

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