Restrictor is a Commodore 64, & Amiga game developed in 1992 by Arc Developments to be published by Thalamus. In this game, you could drive, & fly around 4 planets all the while blasting away waves of aliens. Several screenshots have been found, mostly from a French magazine known as Joystick around issue 19(September 1991). There also seems to be platformer segments where you get to control the person inside the vehicles. Thalamus went under in 1993 leaving this title unreleased. No playable copy has been located so far.

Screenshot #1 showcasinga person running towards some kind of space ship.

Several sprites for a car-truck combination that the player drives in.

The car-truck in action.

The space ship shown flying barely above land.

A different space ship in outer space. The game is paused at this moment, & there seems to be a boss shown.

A space shuttle that the player's currently used space ship gets out of.

A close-up of one of the space ships the player has access to.

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