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The Return of the Bunjee Italian VHS cover pic.png

Return of the Bunjee is an ABC Weekend Special that was split into two parts from the eighth season of the anthology series. Part 1 and Part 2 premiered on April 6th and 13th, 1985. It is the follow-up to The Bunjee Venture (alternately known as The Amazing Bunjee Venture), based on the book of the same title by Stan McMurty. This is one of the exceptional ABC Weekend Specials that isn't based on literature. The teleplays of both ABC Weekend Specials featuring the titular character were written by Malcolm Marmorstein, with Hanna-Barbera's international subsidiary studio, Hanna-Barbera Australia, and Southern Star Entertainment acting as the co-production companies. Individual co-producers were Doug Patterson, as well as co-founders of the American, original studio of their namesakes, the late William Hanna and the late Joseph Barbera.

Frank Welker, Nancy Cartwright, Robbie Lee, and Linda Gary give a reprisal of their voice roles from the initial special.


In search of a mother for the Bunjee babies, Bunjee and the Winsborrow siblings, Karen and Andy, time travel once again. This time, the time machine takes them to the Middle Ages. Before achieving that goal, they have to achieve another, which is overcoming the hindrance of a nefarious sorceress and her three-headed dragon, as well as that prior to returning home and to the kids' time. Eventually, they find a mate for Bunjee named Bunjana, who becomes the Bunjee babies' mother.


Whereas The Bunjee Venture was released on VHS domestically, The Return of the Bunjee never was. However, it did get a VHS release in Italy under the title, Il Ritorno di Bunjee, but due to its incredible rarity, it still has yet to be digitally archived.

Info about this special is also found on the Lost Media Wiki. Additionally, it is the only site that has a picture of the VHS case cover (front and back) of the Italian dub and at least a couple of screen caps of the cartoon itself. A commentator on there mentioned there being a copy of a recording of this on a Betamax tape on Ebay for almost $50. However, most of it has been captured on it, as the first few minutes of it are missing, and it includes commercials. The special still has yet to be uploaded.