When Rick & Morty Was Released To Adult Swim On December 2 2013 77 Pilots Were Made In April 2010 With The Remainer Being Currently Lost.


The First Pilot Was About Rick Talking Crap About His Son Morty & Then Wants A Profilled Adventure In Sci-Fi.

The Second Pilot Aired On May 12 2010 & Was About Morty Killing His Dad Jerry Smith & Then Starts Breaking The Fourth Wall Calling Himself By His Actual Voice Actor Name Also Known As Justin Roiland & Adult Swim & Justin Himself Unaired The Whole Episode.

The Third Pilot Aired On June 31 2011 & Then Of Course Showed Under Age-Strippers In Panties With Bows On The Buttlocks & On Their Breasts The Episode Never Aired Because Of This.

The Fourth Pilot Aired On November 30 2013 & Was About Rick Arguing With Summer & Beth & Then Says That Their Not His Sisters Or Mothers Anymore & The Episode Ends.

Unaired Episodes

  1. Rick Was A Double D Found
  2. Morty's Revenge Lost
  3. Bow Ties Lost
  4. Sister & Mother Argues Found.
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