Rick & Morty Is An Animated Sitcom Created By Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon For The Nighttime Programing Block Adult Swim On December 2 2013.

Sometime When The Show Aired In June Of 2015 Justin Roiland Was Asked By The Food Chain Subway If They Could Make A Series Of Commercials Many Recordings Of The Commercials Were In The Works The Commercials Featured The Main Characters Rick Sanchez & Morty Smith Saying That They Are The New Jared Before Talking About The Products Afterwards The New Jared Refers To Jared Fogle Subway's Main Spokesperson At The Time The Commercials Were Aired On June 31 2015 But Before They Could Air Subway Cut Ties With Jared Fogle Due To His Arrest On July 7 2015. Since The Main Subject Of The Commercials Were Jared Fogle They Were Cancelled 4 Commercials Were Made After Jared's Arrest.


Justin Roiland Saved The Commercials To One Of His Thumb-Drives One Person Actually Found One Of The Thumb-Drives The Commercials Can Not Be Found Online & Nothing Is Really Known About E'm.

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