Ring (Brussels Cut)
Sadako, the infamous antagonist of Ring.
Status Existence Unconfirmed

The "Brussels Cut" of Hideo Nakata's 1998 cult-classic Ring is said to be an alternate version of the movie that was shown at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film in 1999, for the film's European premiere.

The alleged difference between the two is that in the "Brussels Cut", the mouths of the victims are much more vertically deformed, creating a much creepier effect.

Director Hideo Nakata, when asked about the subject denied its existence, although Javier over at (formerly known as has received multiple emails from people claiming to have seen the "Brussels Cut" through various means. There are also a few instances of people online[1] claiming to have copies, though none of them, when contacted by us, have replied. It is still unknown if the film is indeed non-existent, or if it does exist, as so many claim, and that Hideo Nakata is trying to cover up its existence for his own unknown reasons.


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