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Road to 100 Crowns is a planned YouTube series by OpalRaptor where he will release a video compilation of every crown win he gets from 1 to 100 in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1. It is intended for release around March 19, 2022, when the Fortnite season will end.

Several crown wins have been unaccounted for, such as most wins between 9 and 46, and 68. The wins that have been un-accounted for will be reworked using wins from OpalRaptor's alt account, OpalRex and none of the screenshots have been publicly released yet, except for screenshots of OpalRaptor in their locker when they had 43 and 90 crown wins respectively and another screenshot, showing part of the 69 crown wins screenshot.

The list

  • 1-9 (FOUND)
  • 10-39 (LOST)
  • 40 (FOUND)
  • 41-46 (LOST)
  • 47-67 (FOUND)
  • 68 (LOST)
  • 69-90 (FOUND)
  • 91-100 (NOT DONE YET)