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Roary the Racing Car is a British stop-motion children's television series created by David Jenkins and produced by Chapman Entertainment. It follows the adventures of Roary and his racing car friends at Silver Hatch race track.

There's an Italian dub was that retained the original name but was also known as "Roary L'Auto Da Corsa" and "In pista con Roary".[1] It was aired on Rai Gulp June 2008 and Rai Yoyo (Raisat YoYo) in May 2009 and made reruns on Nick Jr. in November 2012 with Fifi and the FlowerTots. The dub is lost with many show aired on Rai Yoyo, Only the intro was found.

UPTADE: The Episode "TBA" was been found on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iH8g70ZpfRAZ1UBYCDBM3gzIXOIBDC1H/view

The Cast

  • Narrator - Alex Zanadri
  • Roary - Benedetta Ponticelli
  • Plugger and Drifter - Diego Sabre
  • Chris - Gianluca Iacono
  • Marsha - Jasmine Laurenti
  • Cici - Anna Mazza
  • Tin Top - Marco Balzarotti
  • Mr. Camburator - Pietro Ubaldi
  • Dubbing Studio: Studio P.V
  • Dubbing Director: Luca Sandri