Roary the Racing Car is a British show about a talking racing car named Roary. In the United States, The show aired on Sprout from September 26th, 2008 to July 7, 2012. When aired on Sprout, the show was given a US dub which uses American English and new voice actors. Nowadays the US Dub is very rare and several episodes of it have yet to surface.


In the American dub, there are several differences to the original British version, these include:

  • Most characters do not speak with their original British accent and instead have an American accent. The voice actors for most characters have also changed.
  • However, Maxi now has a Brooklyn accent instead of an Italian one.
  • The dub now uses American terms, such as truck instead of lorry.
  • Cici has been renamed to Zizzy.
  • Drifter was renamed to Dragga.
  • Flash is renamed to Furzz.
    • The catchphrase "Flash must dash" was also changed to "Furzz must fly".
  • FB is renamed to Trucksy.
  • Plugger is now named Lugga.

List of episodes found

Episodes found in low-quality


  • Some streaming services stream Roary the Racing Car in the US, however, they use the UK dub, which is more common in the US.
  • Some episodes of Roary the Racing Car where added as bonus features to other HiT entertainment DVDs in the US dub, which is how most of these got found.
  • Only 1 full DVD of Roary the Racing Car was released in the US, this DVD is simply titled Roary the Racing Car. It's likely that this DVD has the US dub.
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