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Arsenal (commonly referred to as Roblox Arsenal) is an online First-Person Shooter game on the game platform “Roblox” developed by the group “ROLVe Community”. It's heavily reminiscent to games made by the game company “Valve” such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The old 2015 version was much more slow-paced and clunky, according to people that played it once. The entire game and many of its mechanics were revamped and made much more fast-paced. The revamp was basically irreversible, meaning that it isn’t possible to retain the old version at all. However, there is a separate game made by the same developer on Roblox called “Arsenal Archived”.

According to its game page on Roblox, it was released sometime around August 18th, 2015. The earliest gameplay footage to be found is gameplay from around early 2016. Despite the obscurity of this version of the game, there is however another official earlier rendition by ROLVe of this game released in around 2018 simply titled "Arsenal Archived".

In a 5 year anniversary twitter thread by TCtully, one of the game's developers, one of the earliest known versions are version 225, released around late 2015. it's shown that the build that "Arsenal Archived" uses (determined by the team selection menu and not directly confirmed) was created in around sometime after 2016 as version 1100, which obviously shows that this version of Arsenal isn't the original 2015 version itself either.

The earliest 2015 version of Arsenal is probably still around somewhere, as the developers are able to revert back to older versions from the game page itself, but until then, it will remain a mystery.