This Article is a Deleted Scene.

"Robot Rebel" was a Deleted Scene from the 1984 Space Ace Laserdisc Game. The scene didn’t make it

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past the line drawing stage in 1985, (Released After Dragon's Lair 2 and it was Released in front of Grobda) but was Cut from the Dragons Lair Trilogy in late 2018. However, One shot of the Scene appeared with Dexter in the 1983 "Space Ace" Marquee in a Night time Setting of the Energy Power Plant Scene.


The scene would have had Dexter encountering Borf's Robots. One Robot Shoots Dexter with his Blaster, But he Destroys one with his Blaster. Two More robots Blast all their Blasters at Ace. As many Turrets Appear when Ace sets to regain his Manhood. While the Turrets Shoot at Ace, He Avoid the lasers Down Beneath the Barricade. While Ace starts to Shoot the single Warthog Guard but He Shoots the Turrets and he Quickly Transforms back to normal and he Quickly Retreats down the Corridor which leads to the Industrial Ruin Caverns.









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