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Roman Candles is the Second Movie by John Waters in 1966. It was made in homage to Andy Warhol's Movie The Chelsea Girls (made the same year), the movie famously had 3 8mm films projected at the same time just as Chelsea Girls had 2.

The Plot of the film is nonexistent, the content has adults playing Hide and Seek, a Nun smoking while a Priest drinks, Waters friends Shoplifting and having a fashion show with their clothes. The soundtrack is played back from tape in the room during the screening, and includes radio advertisements, rock songs, a press conferences with Lee Harvey Oswald's mother, and tune by the Shangri-Las (played off a tape recorder in the room).

The Cast included Mary Vivian Pearce (in her second movie) and the debuts of Dreamlanders Divine, David Lochary, Mink Stole, and Beatnik Icon Maelcum Soul.

The film was shown in the basement of a local Church, Waters knowing that the Police would never bust them, since then the film has disappeared only to reappear as a part of John Waters' travelling photography show, John Waters: Change of Life. In September 2014, it was screened as part of the "50 Years of John Waters: How Much Can You Take?" film retrospective. It has never been released in any format aside from these three screenings.

A small scene of Divine in the movie appears in the Documentary I Am Divine.