Sąsiedzi 2012 - in 2010, a Polish YouTube user called SlaviaConsesiao began to make videos, fairly known from his Pat & Mat funny videos


Only known reupload of the third part.

released a series of fabular, long YouTube Poop-esque videos called Sąsiedzi 2012, about Pat & Mat going to save the world from the impending apocalypse. The series was met with community acclaim and was very popular, but was removed in 2012-2013 due to removal of his account by YouTube and remained unfinished. It was supposed to last for four or five episodes, but only two were completed. The third one was released in an unfinished state, without any music and lacking the majority of SFX. While the reuploads of the first two episodes exist in very good quality, the third one never got reuploaded in a good quality - there exists a very poorly and blurred recorded version of it (presumably with a video camera set in front of a monitor on a stand) without any original sound replaced by a music that wasn't the part of the original video, made by the user Rakso 98. This same person has screens from the Video and one of the parts. Slavia, however, has a Dailymotion account where he still makes his content. It is unknown what the account is, but he seems to have the videos with the unfortunate lost "third part". He also has an alternative Youtube account (SlaviaWK - Slavia Wysoki Kontrast - Slavia High Contrast), but it's very inactive and has only three videos. Link to his alt. Youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/user/SlaviaWK


Sąsiedzi - 2012 cz. 1-0

The full uncensored version of the episode 1.

Episodes 1 & 2 were reuploaded several times on YouTube.


Sąsiedzi - 2012 cz. 2-0

The full uncensored version of the episode 2.

Episode 3 was eventually re-uploaded to YouTube in late 2016.


Sąsiedzi - 2012 cz. 3 (by SlaviaConsesiao) -REUPLOAD- (Wersja Niedokończona) (480p)

The unfinished version of the episode 3.

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