Around 1996, as Sailor Moon ended it's United States Run, the Anime was getting some speed in South America and in the Mexican edition of Club Nintendo in issue 3, Vol 5 (dated March, 1996) they had a small preview of the game that it would of been released exclusively for the Latino Spanish speaking counties by Itochu. The game in question would of been the early SNES/Super Famicom game release by Angel and Arc Systsem Works in 1992, and then by Bandai in 1994 in France. In the blurb, they said they where going to have a preview for the game, but in the issue, nothing came to light other than another blurb at the end saying that they where gong to look at it, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they will look at it the following month; only for the following month, no one saying a peep about it. As far as existence goes, it's unknown other than these screens and this info, it could very well be the people who put it together where ether handed the Japanese or French version of the game and been told that version would be coming to Latino Spanish speaking countries later that month or so, fully translated or there is a Latino Spanish version of the game that has never seen the light of day. .

the blurb at the end of the issue featuring the SNES/SFC Sailor Moon game

Club Nintendo Issue 3, Vol 5 Dated March, 1996

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