Sailor Moon is an anime made by Toei Animation. The show had a Dutch dub which aired under the name


Sailor Moon Intro Dutch

"Sailormoon" the show only aired 52 episode unlike it's Japanese counterpart, which aired 200 episodes. The dub was based on the German dub which aired 199 episodes. The show ran from 2002 to 2004 on yorkiddin' in The Netherlands.

Episodes 1 to 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 to 26 have been found complete. Episode 6, 9, 11 and 27 to 52 haven't been found complete yet. There is a rumor that every episode can be downloaded on an unknown site with an unknown link, this isn't sure.



Episode # Dutch Episode Title English Translation Status
1 De Glans van Juwelen The Shine of Jewels Found
2 De Waarzegster The Fortune Teller Found
3 Het Geheime Programma The Secret Program Found
4 De Afvalrace The Weight Loss Race Found
5 Het Nieuwe Huisdier The New Pet Found
6 De Held van mijn Dromen The Hero Of My Dreams Lost
7 Sterrenslag Reaching for the Stars Lost
8 Het Genie The Genius Found
9 Geen Tijd No Time Lost
10 De Tempel der Verliefden The Temple of Love Found
11 Droomprinses Dream Princess Lost
12 De Cruisetocht The Cruise Tour Lost
13 Drie Tegen Jedyte Three Against Jedyte Found
14 De Tenniskampioene The Tennis Champion Lost
15 Het Park The Park Lost
16 De Bruidsjurk The Wedding Dress Lost
17 Het Fotomodel The Model Lost
18 Poppen Huilen Niet Dolls Don't Cry Lost
19 Liefdesbrieven Love Letters Found
20 Het Spookhuis The Haunted House Lost
21 Op Mijn Erewoord On My Honor Found
22 Bunny's Eerste Kus Bunny's First Kiss Found
23 Naru's Eerste Liefde Naru's First Love Lost
24 Het Verraad The Betrayal Lost
25 De Vierde Sailor Strijdster The Fourth Sailor Soldier Lost
26 De Splinters van het Heilige Kristal The Chunks of the Holy Crystal Lost
27 De Nieuwe Beste van de Groep The New Best of the Group Lost


  • A 6 minute clip has been uploaded to of episode 42. It later got deleted along with all the other episodes that were on It later got uploaded by a youtube user. The video was called "oude tekenfilm" and then a 4 minute clip was uploaded by KidsCartoonsDutch
  • Episodes 1 to 5, 7,8,10, 18 to 24 have been found full on however, these all got deleted.
  • One person who had all 52 full episodes hinted that he found a link to download the episodes with the Wayback machine. It is unknown if these links even exist.
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