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A user on the /x/ - Paranormal board[1] ,when asked what the most disturbing thing they've stumbled upon on the deep web, brings up an 80's anime he watched, about 9 girls locked in a bathroom with no way out, no doors, no windows, no anything. Eventually, all of the girls die in brutal ways through suicide/assisted suicide.

The Anime

Little information is known about Saki Sanobashi, other than the following:

  • The anime begins with a black screen, and red text slowly begins to appear as an ominous sound plays.
  • Nine girls are locked in a bathroom with no windows or doors.
  • There is no music soundtrack, only ambient sounds.
  • The girls contemplate how they might escape before eventually killing themselves in gruesome ways, such as one having another girl drown her, one scratching her neck until it's ripped open, and one hitting her head against the sink until her head busts open.
  • One girl had almost white hair in a hime cut.
  • One girl had red hair and was the daughter of a yakuza boss.
  • One girl had blonde hair and was a daughter of a loan shark.
  • It had an 80's anime style.
  • The characters appeared to be in high school as they were wearing school uniforms.

credits.[2][3][4][5][6] [7] [8] [9]


During the Saki Sanobashi search. Many people claimed ties were interesting:

Most of the description he gave in that the girls had a weird scream, "It had a really strange echo to it, and it almost censored

---- bers)

"I'm not sure if the exact amount of boxes is accurate, but I'm sure there were fewer boxes before the English text."

OP also explained that the website that he saw the lost anime, was on a website that looked like the Bing Video Previewer.

Picture from Answer 1.png

He showed this image and said:

"Btw, the layout in the site I watched it in looked similar to today's Bing video player.
Pic related"[10]

After that post, he responded to some other user, who said:

"Thank you anon, I am going to start looking for it as soon as I put my hands on my laptop again. Anything else you might want to add?"

He responded with a lot of information:

He starts by saying that it was depressing and he hopes people won't find it. He started by saying that the video had an abstract feeling. "It definitely wins the time record for character development.
I really felt bad for all of them.". OP told that there were 9 girls in the room. 8 of the girls had a similar appearance, but they had different voices. He claimed, that there was no instrumental music, only ambient sounds. "What was most unsettling about the suicide scene were the weird camera angles and no horror music as I'd expect, just girls softly sobbing and gagging as they ripped their necks open with their fingers". The girls were the embodiment of lost hope, as he said and he didn't want to go into details about the head-smashing scene. He thought that the title, "Go for a punch", was not the title of the anime since he saw it on the Deep Web. "But even if it was deleted, there should still be a way of restoring it, since it was once posted on the internet. That depends on time, though...".

After he uploaded this reply, someone mentioned that he made a thread on /a/ (4chan board for anime), in that thread, someone responded with the name "Saki Sanobashi". The guy asked OP if that was the name of the anime. OP never replied. After that, everyone called "Go for a punch", with the name "Saki Sanobashi".[11]

That was the last post of OP.

It was never mentioned again, until 5 months later, when an anonymous user on 4chan made a thread about "Go for a punch/Saki Sanobashi".[12]

"Anyone find any clues on the origin of this yet? There was some talk about asking on 2ch with the use of a proxy. Another option is to search the deep web for any video streaming sites.
So far all we know is that the actual name is NOT Saki Sanobashi, considering no results on Google show up for "Saki Sanobashi", "Sanobashi Saki", or even just "Sanobashi".
Will dump details the original anon posted on the show."

This is when the main investigation began. In that thread, people were investigating and more analyzing. Some people thought about searching in Tor, or on P2P applications. Other people were analyzing the details that OP posted and other people were spreading it on Reddit and 4chan. The thread ended with nothing found.

After that thread, 4 years passed when it got mentioned again. As far as we know, people were not investigating in that 4-year gap.

So, 4 years later, an anonymous user on 4chan posted a thread about Saki Sanobashi, "Saki Sanobashi Hunt". "Fuck the grifter. Saki Sanobashi is where it's at. We need to find out if it's real or not. I have been on a one man search for it for years now and haven't found a single lead. But I still haven't given up. We will never be able to find it if all we do is search "Saki Sanobashi" or "go for a punch" on Google. We need to dig further."[13]

A lot of people were interested in this and many people started investigating. Some people were investigating, while other people thought it was fake. Making connections with "Saki Sanobashi" on the search didn't help, because the anime was not called "Saki Sanobashi".

When that thread ended, the hunt continued with many threads on 4chan, by the same user:

"The hunt for Saki Sanobashi continues. Let's find this shit"

-The Saki Sanobashi Hunt #2[14]

In that thread, people were investigating, but not as much as the previous thread. Someone told people to search into the 80s and 90s anime OVAs. Other people wanted to get in contact with famous anime horror directors at that time, like Hiroshi Harada. Someone contacted a person who was an extreme fan of the 80s/90s anime horror directors and he didn't remember any work from Hiroshi Harada or someone else with that description. At that thread, more people thought that it might be fake, but more people came into the search.

At that time, a subreddit was made, called "Saki Sanobashi". The subreddit was made to investigate on the anime.




https://twitter.com/evoslayer/status/1014172964382789632 (Maybe unreliable)"

-The Saki Sanobashi Hunt #3[15]

In the third thread, more people came into the search with ideas like, manga scans and checking on Tor. Users found some tweets someone made, but they were irrelevant.



Someone replied with:

"Yup but it was posted in a Saki Sanobashi thread with a guy claiming that it was the "manga VHS intro". Zero replies make me skeptical but this is some really weird shit"

Some people suggested to track down that Dailymotion link, but no one did. Maybe, this could be a lead, but no one searched for this. The third thread on the hunt ended with nothing found, but it left the Dailymotion link mystery.

After the third thread, people began to post about it on Youtube, including in Spanish.

"New thread, yay.
Thumbnail makes my pee-pee feel weird"

-First comment from The Saki Sanobashi Hunt #4[16]

In the fourth thread, nothing really happened. The same people were there, but that thread became popular. Some users made fanart and some users talked. People thought that there might be a connection to Limitless Paradise, but people disagreed. A post that caught everyone's attention was a picture with some girls in a bathroom, bandages all over their bodies and they looked straight into the camera. In the left corner of the image, someone wrote "Defect Girls". A lot of users thought that this was Saki Sanobashi, but the style of the drawing was modern. In the next thread, the illustrator (Her name was Vanilla) of the image came by and claimed that he had drawn it.

"Just received a response from Vanilla.

Hello. First of all, I do not speak Japanese so I apologize for grammatical errors. Are you an artist of this picture? If so, is there a story behind it? There seems to be no information on it. Is it for work or is it influenced by the work? I am trying to track lost media. I am curious if this is exactly related."

-The first comment on The Saki Sanobashi Hunt #5[17]

Nothing really happened in the fifth thread. The first comments were debunking the "Defect Girls" image. After that, nothing really was found. Two users claimed they had seen "Saki Sanobashi". The first user said that he had seen it in a DVD store he owned in 2005. The other user claimed that he had seen it in a site that broadcasted movies. Some people were interested and asked him some questions, he only answered once:

"No, it was literally just some site where there was a movie streaming in the middle, with a small chat client on the right-hand side. the background was dark. I can't remember the name. It seemed very much like a "pop up" site."

As I said, nothing really happened in that thread, but it got attention anyways.

"Why the fuck do you believe that random anon who posted a little creepy story about an anime with a gibberish name? Any reason at all to believe that the anime exists?"

-The first comment on The Saki Sanobashi Hunt #6 (the final thread?)[18]

Nothing happened in the sixth and final thread. People were starting to lose hope and called it fake. Some users thought of looking into P2P programs, such as "Perfect Dark", but no one looked. Someone found some compilations of anime gore images. Someone checked through all of them, but no image was related to "Saki Sanobashi".

After a month, another thread was made.

"Bringing back /saki/ to see if we can get the hunt going again. Maybe we can find something this time"

-The Saki Sanobashi Hunt #7[19]

Nothing really happened in the seventh thread. Most of the people there were telling everyone that this is fake. Very few people were investigating but with now results. The seventh thread is the last Saki Sanobashi Hunt thread.

In conclusion, most of the things that the 4chan threads brought were debunked. The only thing that hasn't been debunked to this day, is the Dailymotion video.

(UPDATE: The "Finding Saki Sanobashi" Discord has just investigated that link. With the description he gave, "it was a manga VHS intro" and "people being torn apart left and right", they searched it on Dailymotion and found this video[20](click on the reference to watch it). After contacting the Dailymotion team, they said that the video posted on the third thread was removed and because a lot of time has passed, it can't be restored).


The r/SakiSanobashi[21] subreddit was created on January 22, 2019. The subreddit was made to help with the SakiSanobashi search.

The subreddit began with some anime lists to look through. Everyone was looking through the search and they were posting as many leads as they could. At first, it wasn't popular, but after Whang's video[22] it got very popular. After Whang's video[22] people came for leads and for recreating Saki Sanobashi. People found a lot of leads and created a Discord to post things there and to talk faster. Someone called u/Echiketto claimed to had seen it in a bootleg Russian site[23]. After that, there were fewer leads and more suggestions. The first irrelevant post about the search was made on November 23, 2019. At this time, the subreddit was very popular. There were around 3-10 posts every day. While everyone was posting leads, the Discord shared an invite link, but it was broken. After a day, they posted a new link. Leads were rare at this point and everyone was making suggestions about how to find it. People were online and posting about it, but a few people were searching for it. On November 24th, a meme was posted on the subreddit. That meme got 421 upvotes, the second most upvoted post on the subreddit and it got a golden award.

At this point, leads were very rare. More people started to make suggestions and even complain. Then, another meme was posted complaining about Saki Sanobashi being fake. After that post, more memes started to pop up saying, "Is Saki Sanobashi Real?"[24]. They even made petitions to make the subreddit just a meme page[25]. More people started to believe that Saki Sanobashi didn't exist and started to point it out. More irrelevant posts and memes started to pop up, with no search at all. Then, someone suggested making the anime, since everyone believed it to be fake. Theories and suggestions were on the subreddit, but no one was searching for it. There was Discord drama, people complaining and people were saying that OP was lying. On November 27th another lead came up, but it didn't get as many upvotes as of the memes were getting.

On November 28th, a deleted user confirmed that Whang was making a second video about Saki Sanbashi[26]. Some memes were starting to pop up, along with fake OPs. One lead came up, but it didn't get attention. More suggestions were posted on Reddit and the Discord drama was explained to everyone. Then, because everyone wanted a new Discord server, someone made a Discord.

Finally, user f_neo, a dedicated researcher, made a Cryptopad page, where he made updates on his findings[27]. F_Neo found a /saki/ thread on 4chan where someone said that he had seen it.

"This shit is really lost? I remember watching it on LAN party during uni here in Macedonia.It had no sub the nerds who were learning jap translated for the whole room.It was called something like ナイン角度."

F neo discoveries 6.png

F_neo found that ナイン角度 meant "Nine Angles", so he went on a P2P application called "Perfect Dark" or PD for short. He searched for ナイン角度 he found a gzip file, which contained these two images:

The first image wrote: "What are your dreams for the future?"

While the second image fits OP's description, a white-haired hime cut girl. The caption of the image wrote: "The girl who dies" or "The woman who passes away".

This discovery was a very big lead for the search and it got the subreddit back to searching.

In September 2020, new discoveries were found from old archives of a series of adult anime websites from the early 2000's that proved that Go For A Punch does in fact exist (or did at one point) with a release date of 1986. A new subreddit called r/SakisanNoBashitsu was created in response for more serious research from these new leads.

The sites in question were all owned by the same person and the main one was called Dark Anime, which is now defunct but has been archived. Archived pages date back to the 2000's, before the initial 4chan posts. A YouTuber by the name of Able tested the archived leaks to see if they were real or photoshopped and confirmed they are genuine, but the video footage was deleted [1]

In November 15th, 2020 a user by the name of u/RuntOfTheLitter222 posted on the r/SakisanNoBashitsu subreddit claiming to have seen a GIF of Saki Sanobashi on a Tumblr blog dedicated to cringe. She later provides two drawings resembling what the GIF looked like, however she has not been proven nor disproven to be telling the truth, though many users believe her. These drawings were made with the help of @trait4trait on Instagram.

In December 19th, 2020 a user by the name of u/SaladFront posted on the r/SakiSanobashi subreddit a mediafire link containing a alleged 3 second clip of Saki Sanobashi however, it's authenticity is currently in debate. It was soon uploaded to Streamable.



UPDATE: The closeup shot of the eye has been debunkt as a scene from another modern anime while the source for the last remaining frames of the two girls is still being investigated.


Lost Media Case Files Vol 1. - blameitonjorge

Blameitonjorge's video mentioning the Go for a Punch search (19:13-32:00).


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