In 2003, SNICK was renamed as Saturday Night Nickelodeon (however, the "SNICK" name was used in the "On-Air Dare" segments). The block airs All Grown Up!, Romeo!, All That and The Amanda Show in their final schedule until a Saturday night edition of the TEENick block takes over on 4 September 2004. The bumpers (created by the graphic design company Beehive) would featured orange splats morphing into a show's character (such the cast of ​All That, Romeo Miller, Amanda Bynes and the characters of All Grown Up!) in the white background with a picture footage of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and instead of saying "SNICK", the male announcer said "Saturday Night Nickelodeon" (including he saying "We'll be back with [INSERT THE SHOW HERE] on Saturday Night Nickelodeon" and "Now back to [INSERT THE SHOW HERE] on Saturday Night Nickelodeon"). However, no recordings exist.

UPDATE: 9/24/17:​ The All Grown Up! bumpers has been found on here: (at 27:44 and 29:55).

UPDATE: 5/20/18: The All That bumpers has been found on here: (at 4:18 and 8:54)

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