A photo of Scott Savage (taken from his MySpace page).

Scott Savage isn't exactly a notable musician outside of the underground internet community that actively seeks out "bad" music. However, because of the enigma that he has left behind in his activity, an acception has been made to allow an article for him. The lack of information and content from the man has left many curious and fascinated.

Scott Savage is a solo musician whose origins either stem from the 1980s glam metal scene or a failed attempt in the 2000s to revive it (he claims it's the former). It is unknown because Savage has proven to be a notorious liar, however it is not beyond reason that he has been around longer than internet records provide.

The few recordings available from the man are notable for their low production values. He rarely records or mixes his songs in such a way that it is easy to hear what is going on with the music. While many artists such as My Bloody Valentine don't record things in a conventional way as part of an artistic preference, Savage appears to have done it out of laziness or lack of knowledge. For instance,in his music, drums and vocals are mixed rather low and recorded with the wrong types of microphones. This creates music where the drums fail to drive the rhythmic section and vocals that are unintelligible in a lot of places.

Also of note are his off-key vocal deliveries and very awkward lyrics. Listeners often have trouble completing a track because of how off-putting his tone is. What doesn't help are the strange lyrics, with lines such as "I wanna put my steamy goo, deep deep inside of you."

His "band photos" which are basically pictures of famous bands with his own face photoshopped over another band member's face. He also falsely attributes reviews of his own albums to famous musicians, usually delivering high praise.

It is unknown what has happened to the man, or who he really is. His MySpace has been inactive, though he appears to login once every few months without updating it. Many suspect him to be a troll, however, some people that have personally messaged him on MySpace have recalled a rather juvenile vitriollic response. His music is very tricky to get a hold of. While one of his albums is available via torrents, everything else except for 4 tracks easily accessed on his MySpace band page seem to have disappeared. He had a CD Baby account, where he allegedly burned copies of his albums people paid for and sent them out. However, none of these copies have been ripped and offered online (possibly due to his obscurity).

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