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Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom was a 2007 quiz show hosted by the two titular puppet Hyenas; Scratch and Sniff. Each episode was about the Hyenas quizzing 5 contestants to pick each one off one by one to dunk in their cooking pot to eat for their dinner after the show. Only one contestant has a chance at surviving each show but they must still answer a 'Killer Question' correctly in order to walk free, if they don't; they too will wind up as the Hyenas' dinner!

Lost Media

Almost every episode has most of its footage missing with only short clips of different episodes remaining. It is said that 15 episodes were produced for the show, however this number may be incorrect. While the show ran through 2007, re-runs of the show ran until very early 2011 before stopping completely. 

Episodes/Known Contestants (Incomplete and possibly incorrect)

1 2 3 4 5 Winner finalist? Episode Lost/Found?
1 James Oliver[1] Sam Chris Matthew Yes FOUND
2 ? Olivia Brandon Rico Harry No LOST
3 Luke Ben Thomas[2] Grace Yasmin No FOUND
4 Eleanor Girl Girl Girl Girl UNKNOWN LOST
5 ? ? Charlie ? ? UNKNOWN LOST
6 Boy Boy Madeleine Kezia Chloe UNKNOWN LOST
7 Isaac Omar Britney Dylan Grace Yes FOUND
8 Joe Star Daisy Danielle Adam No LOST
9 ? ? Hannah Oliver (2) Boy(?) UNKNOWN LOST
10 ? ? Amy ? ? UNKNOWN LOST
11 ? ? ? ? Chad Yes LOST
12 Amy(2) Chanel Girl Girl Laura Yes LOST
13 ? ? ? ? Frankie No LOST
14 Eleanor Katie(2) Lauren Laura Harriet Yes FOUND
15 Josef Charley Joe[3] James Sam Yes FOUND
? Edward Riche Millie Paige Maxine Yes FOUND
  1. Called Oli on the nametag
  2. Called Joshua on the nametag
  3. Called Jo on the nametag

Surviving Media


An episode of the show was uploaded for the first time on the 19th of June 2019, 8 years after its last broadcast.


A playlist of all clips that are still viewable on YouTube can be found here , most clips were uploaded around the show's airing, however two clips were uploaded in 2015 and reuploads of previously uploaded footage appeared in 2018.


An archived version of the official website.

Behind The Scenes

Images of the show behind the scenes appeared on ShutterStock in May 2018

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