Seaman Day 1 Walkthrough (No Commentary)

Seaman Day 1 Walkthrough (No Commentary)

Seaman was a bizarre virtual pet game on the Sega Dreamcast released in August 2000. The game was one of the only games to use the Sega Dreamcast Microphone. It used it to help the player communicate with their Seaman fish, raise it and care for it. However, an interesting fact that not many fans of the game know is that Seaman was going to have a Windows port, but the port went unreleased.

The port, at the time, would've been japan only, and would have been extremely different from it's Dreamcast counterpart. It would not be played in a tank, raising the heat and such. It would've been more of a desktop pet. "It’s not a game, — rather, it’s a communication tool and a pet for your desktop." Quote from Mr. Yoot Saito, founder of the developer of Seaman, Vivarium.

This was proven by screenshots that were shown of the application in action, taken off a pre-Windows XP computer (presumably Windows 2000.) It would've used an application known as Voice-EasySnap (which was never released either) to pick up audio from the user. He would've been able to alert the user about emails as well as send them.

Many websites, such as IGN, GameSpot covered this application, but a lot of time passed and many people soon forgot about it, and the application went completely unreleased for unknown reasons. Only a few screenshots exist.



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