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One of the frames of the show

Secrets of Luntik is a partially found puppet show for children. It was broadcast on the Bibigon TV channel in 2010 (and possibly later on the Karusel TV channel).

Description and plot

The show is somewhat similar to "Good night, kids!". The TV show features dolls of characters from the animated series Luntik and His Friends. The whole environment is made of cardboard decorations. At the end of each episode, the usual episode of the animated series Luntik and His Friends was shown. One episode of the show in its entirety lasted about 13 minutes. The first issue was released on September 4, and the last - presumably on December 26, 2010, on the last day of broadcasting of the Bibigon TV channel. In the transmission, the voice actor of Luntik differs from the voice actor in the animated series. The voice actors of the other characters have not changed.


  • Luntik (appeared in found series)
  • Kuzya (appeared in found series)
  • Whoopsen (appeared in found series)
  • Pupsen (appeared in found series)
  • Baba Kapa (did not appear in the series found, although she was mentioned in the reviews)
  • Mila (appeared in found episodes)
  • Grandfather Sher (presumably appeared in one of the episodes)


On July 30, 2020, on the Luntik wiki forum, a user under the nickname Luiscake published a post in which he talked about some "puppet episodes" of the series "Luntik and His Friends". The page of the series was found on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. All the basic information (director, release year, production studio, duration, etc.) was indicated there.

The active phase of searches began on March 23, 2021 on the Discord server of the Russian "Lost Media Wiki". Only 4 frames from the program on the website dnevniki.ykt.ru were found on the Internet. Also, the user of the SirDoodle Discord server found mentions on several forums of sites dedicated to Luntik, the Bibigon and Carousel channels. A mention of the animated series was found in the TV program of the Bibigon channel for 2010. Soon one of the users of the Discord server wrote a message on VKontakte to the director about the lost animated series. In response, the director recommended contacting the CTB film company (the copyright holder of the Luntik and His Friends series). Naturally, a letter was written to STV. A letter was also written to the Carousel channel. So far, there has been no response from the above addressees. Later, a letter was written to a person under the nickname seagull, who in 2010 published all 4 screenshots on the DnevnikYkt website. Discord server user SirDoodle received a response from the Melnitsa studio (creator of the Luntik and his Friends series). There they wrote that it would be better to turn to Bibigon (the current Carousel). After that, a letter was written to the "Carousel" itself.

On April 25, a user Fantom TV1 found the pages of the Luntik.ru site with 2 series "Secrets of Luntik" on the archived version of the Luntik.ru site. In total, 2 episodes were posted on the site:

There are 9 minutes 32 seconds of the first episode available. The second series is also incomplete. It is known that the whole episode lasts 13 minutes. The rest may have been lost due to player bugs.

The search continues!