See me, feel me, NO-mey (lost cartoon network broadcast, february 27, 2004)

see me, feel me, NO-mey is the nickname for a failed powerpuff girls premiere event from february 27, 2004. it happened just before the planned premiere of see me, feel me, gnomey, but just before it could air, cartoon network banned the episode and aired a episode of the smurfs instead, but no one knows which episode it was.

supposed contents of broadcast

  • sneak peek for 'see me, feel me, gnomey'
  • introduction to 'see me, feel me gnomey'
  • message that cartoon network can't air 'see me, feel me, gnomey' (a sound that sounded a little like the sad toon sound from toontown online played)
  • 'the smurfs' intro
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