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Elmo's World Was puppetry/live-action segment that would air on the show Sesame Street in 1998.

In 1996, a pilot was made before it was picked up for the show and was never aired due To budget deficit issues.

The pilot was posted onto YouTube, but was taken down due to copyright infringement and the user ended up being terminated afterwards. The episode existence still remains unknown to this day.


Elmo has introduced Dorothy, his new goldfish. He feeds her, and watches her swimming in a goldfish tank. Elmo opens the door to see Cookie Monster eating cereal, and all the foods he could eat. Cookie thinks that Elmo's closet is delicious, so he took the whole package and chomps it into pieces. Elmo feeds Dorothy fish food, Dorothy asks a question "How do people eat? Elmo's going to ask someone." There is, until Elmo introduces Mr. Noodle. He is eating noodles. Elmo & the kids count Baked Beans chasing a Hot Dog, and find out who eats and who doesn't.

Elmo lets the viewers to come back to his world next day