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The twelfth episode from the first season of Sesame Street in 1969. When the first 16 shows of Season 1 were leaked online in 2015, this episode (12) was left out of the package, reportedly due to Sesame Workshop losing the master tape. Perhaps some day in the near future someone who works there will try to find a copy of this episode and they will leak this one online as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Compiled from a trusted source; According to this Muppet Wiki page, the final ready-for-broadcast master tape of this episode is confirmed to be lost from Sesame Workshop's archives, which now clearly defines the reason why it didn't leak online. It is possible that raw footage used to compile the episode may exist somewhere in the Sesame archives, waiting to be discovered, but so far, it is unknown as of this time.


  • Scene 1: Bob sings "Feeling Groovy" and tells a kid to slow down while playing ball.
  • Film: Follow the leader (first seen in episode 1)
  • Cast: Buddy and Jim try to paint the wall
  • Cartoon: Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes demonstrates through (first seen in episode 1)
  • Muppets: Ernie and Bert scratch their backs, leading to an animal film "Everybody Scratch"
  • Scene 2: Susan sings and asks the kids to finish every line with a rhyming word.
  • Cartoon: Solomon Grundy (first seen in episode 1)
  • Film: Body Parts vs Heavy Equipment (Henson film first seen in episode 3)
  • Scene 3: Mr. Hooper sells a four-foot letter J in pitchman style.
  • Cartoon: J commercial (first seen in episode 9)
  • Scene 4: He continues to sell the letter.
  • Cartoon: J for jam
  • Scene 5: He hands out small J's to kids.
  • Cartoon: J commercial (repeat)
  • Muppets: Gordon dresses Anything Muppets who sing "Spinning Wheel".
  • Cartoon: R is for rooster, robber, rake... (first seen in episode 11)
  • Cartoon: R for radio (first seen in episode 11)
  • Cartoon: Alphabet egg chant (first seen in episode 3)
  • Film: Alphabet Bates: O
  • Cartoon: Imagination O (first seen in episode 11)
  • Scene 6: Susan, Gordon, and the kids play the classification game.
  • Scene 7: Big Bird doesn't know how to count past six.
  • Song: Baker #7 (first seen in episode 11)
  • Scene 8: He still doesn't know what number.
  • Song: Baker #7 (repeat)
  • Scene 9: He finally counts to ten.
  • Cartoon: Octopus one-man band (first seen in episode 4)
  • Scene 10: Oscar knocks down the wall in his trash can to put in a bowling alley.
  • Film: Noises involving construction equipment, a baby crying, people coughing and sneezing, a car honking, a telephone, and a typewriter (first seen in episode 4)
  • Song: Baker #6 (first seen in episode 11)
  • Cartoon: Jazz #6 (first seen in episode 11)
  • Scene 11: Closing.