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SexArt formed in 1989 in BakersfieldCalifornia, founded by Dennis Shinn. They are best known for being the band that Jonathan Davis was in, before he became the singer for Korn[2] in 1993.  SexArt performed shows often, and throughout the course of two (2) years. SexArt participated in both the 1993 Kern County, and Fresno County "Battle Of The Bands" contests, and won them both. The band recorded six (6) songs total, over the course of three (3) recording sessions from 1992, and 1993. The recordings were produced inside the Rick Davis recording studio "Fat Tracks" - Bakersfield Ca. The songs chosen to be recorded; 1: Blind,[5] 2: Follow Me, 3: I Wanna Know Why, 4: Give Up, 5: Waste My Time, and 6: Inside.

Dennis Shinn, founder of SexArt, shared some history behind the band around 2010-2011. The songs were released on his website and the Facebook page of THE ANARKY, however they are incomplete, with the exception of "Inside". Some rumors speculate that more songs by SexArt have yet to be released.

Songs and Recordings

  • Blind was eventually re-recorded as the Korn track we know today, but the only full version to exist is the 'Neidermeyer's mind" demo. A video on Youtube has fragments of the original SexArt version being performed live, but a full version of this has yet to be found.

    Sex Art - Blind (Fragments)

    SexArt "Blind" (Fragments)
  • Follow Me was eventually re-recorded as "Daddy" by Korn. A full demo of this can be found on the "Neidermeyer's mind" tape however, the orignal SexArt version had a much faster pace and the lyrics were very different. A 10 minutes studio session video exists on Youtube where "Follow Me" is being played both in studio and live. The audio is quite bad and both the beginning and end of the song are missing. A cameraman (supposedly being a band member) can be heard talking and laughing during the performance. The studio recording has an instrumental complete version whereas the other version is found incomplete in all of the Youtube videos.

    SexArt - Follow Me (studio session 1993)

  • "I Wanna Know Why" exists in the form of a radio rip, where an announcer speaks over the majority of the song. Another video on Youtube has the same version being played on loop, the full recording has yet to be found.
  • "Give Up" can be heard in a trailer for a SexArt documentary called "In the Muthafuckin' House", however it is incomplete and a full version has yet to be found.

    SexArt - In The Muthafuckin House (trailer)


    Sex Art - I wanna know why(RADIO RIP)

  • "Waste my Time" can also only be found in the trailer for "In the Muthafuckin' House" it is yet again, incomplete and a full version has yet to be found.
  • "Inside" is the only song by SexArt to be fully released.


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