''Share My Story'' is a digital platform where you can submit stories, it is largely criticized for its fake stories and clickbait, but almost no one knows about the videos predating "I Became A Criminal And Got Caught"...

My Life With Dyspraxia

The Thumbnail used for the video.

The video was uploaded around November 30, 2018 and the plot is that an unnamed starts off saying that she had Dyspraxia since she was 4 and shows a scene of her falling off of a chair (which was badly drawn). And then she and her mother goes to see a therapist and after testing her by making her draw a strait line (in which she fails), she was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and then it cuts to a scene of the main girl playing basketball and in which she fails. the thumbnail is of the main girl sitting inside a classroom while wearing a "dunce" hat while the other kids in the classroom calls her names.

The video was reuploaded to a YouTube channel called Story Reuploads[1] on November 24, 2020 and the video was found by searching the title on YouTube and found the video that was reuploaded by Animated Stories.[2]

I Got Pregnant At 14 And My BF Dumped Me

The thumbnail used for the video.

This video was uploaded after My Life With Dyspraxia and the plot is that a girl named Carolyne found her bf at her high school and then she got pregnant.

The video was reuploaded to Story Reuploads on November 6, 2020.[3]


  • The I Got Pregnant At 14 And My BF Dumped Me reupload was taken from a reaction video from MessYourself.
  • The Link for "My Life With Dyspraxia" was found on November 24, 2020 but the video but the video is still lost.
  • The OP who created the page mixed up the words "Dyslexia" and "Dyspraxia" because the OP has a hearing problem which means that he often mishears things.


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