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Shark Tale is a 2004 American computer-animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. Directed by Vicky Jenson, Bibo Bergeron, and Rob Letterman (in Letterman's feature directorial debut), the film contains an ensemble caststarring the voices of Will Smith, Jack Black, Robert De Niro, Renée Zellweger, Angelina Jolie, and Martin Scorsese. It tells the story of a fish named Oscar (Smith) who falsely claims to have killed Frankie (Imperioli), the son of a shark mob boss named Don Lino (De Niro), to advance his community standing and teams up with the mobster's other son Lenny (Black) to keep up the other facade.

List of lost or deleted scenes

  1. Luca plays with the piano.
  2. Luca was originally saying for "Hey, boss. I put the record on the wrong song". Luca replaced saying for "Hey, boss. Big Butts".
  3. Sykes saying "It’s fish…not fishes"
  4. Don Lino saying "You tell him my boys are gonna pay him a little visit"
  5. Sykes have a meeting with Don Lino in his office, which a footage of it was taken from the Irene Parkins showreel and a footage of it was taken from the film’s trailer.
  6. The scene was originally going to have a scene where, after Oscar meets Lenny, a meeting was held. Luca told Lino that Sykes is out. Sykes began mocking Lino that he’s out. Lino corners Sykes and he tells Oscar that Lino’s boys are going to pay Oscar a little visit. A scene of it was taken from the trailer of the film.
  7. Lenny clanged metal while yelling in pain.
  8. Don Lino meets Willie.
  9. Some of the shots were from the cards and stickers were Oscar and Angie, Frankie and Lenny, Frankie try to eat a shrimp, Oscar sitting next to Ernie and Bernie, Sykes have a meeting with Don Lino by saying he’s out and Don Lino telling him that his boys are going to pay him a little visit, the fishes washing a tounge from a whale at whale wash.
  10. A alternate version of Lenny meeting a worm on a fish hook.
  11. A deleted scene of Lenny wondering his eye is red. (found in Cartoon Network +1 UK Continuity and Adverts (October 2004))
  12. A deleted scene of Katie Current in the city watching Oscar swinging Lenny.
  13. A deleted shot of the sharks in the restaurant staring at Lino, Frankie and Lenny.
  14. A deleted scene of Sykes having a meeting with Lino and Luca with Luca telling Lino that Sykes is out, Sykes mocking Lino that he's out, and Don Lino gets angry at Sykes by telling him that Lino's men are gonna pay Oscar a visit which he gets up from his office. Some of the shots can be seen in the film's trailer.
  15. An alternate scene of Oscar putting the spoon on the Hammerhead who wonders what Oscar did as he can't see it.
  16. A wide and extended scene of Lola coming to Oscar (From PS2 video game Bonus Features)
  17. A alternate scene of Oscar with the cape and taking it off.
  18. Alternate scenes of Lola convining Oscar to show the sharks who's boss, Sykes bloating, Oscar wondering how Lucky Day trips, then Sykes yells That's It!, Ernie and Bernie with the DJ discs.
  19. Mr. Sykes saying "oh my whale!"
  20. Mr. Sykes, Oscar and Lenny watching Sebastian the Whale-Washing Dolphin Whale Wash Commercial on tv