Silent Rob is an online reviewer best known under the alias "LeisureSuitGaming" who uploads reviews of video games and video game related content on his YouTube channel. His videos were highly popular around 2008-2010 and he still has a loyal fanbase to this day. His channel has been removed several times for crude content as he regularly uses vulgar language in his videos. On one of these channel deletions, many of his videos were lost in the process.

A user by the name of "ShawnD1" reuploaded the vast majority of his lost videos shortly after his account was removed, however two notable videos were left unrestored: his reviews of "American Gladiators" on the NES and "Power Punch II" on the NES. Around 2012, under a new account (LeisureSuitGaming2), the video for American Gladiators was found and restored, however the review of Power Punch II has yet to surface.

This video was among his most popular due to its funny content, with Rob mocking (among other things) what he described as a "Green Don Cherry banging his head off of a desk" during the game's match. As of 2015 it has yet to resurface.

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