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Sleepaway Camp is a Friday the 13th-inspired horror film from 1983, noted for its low budget, rather sleazy feel and shocking ending. The film spawned 6 sequels, only four of which were finished and released.

The first three movies are all missing music, but the first one was the only of the originals that had music specially made for it, consisting of three songs: "Just What I've Been Looking For", "Take a Chance", and "Tonight You're Mine". The latter two do not exist outside of the movie in any form, and there are no known surviving recordings of them. All three were sung by Frankie Vinci, and used music from a Casio keyboard and an electric guitar.

"Just What I've Been Looking For" is only intact because it was played over the credits, and has been remixed at least once.
Sleepaway Camp - Angela's Theme

Sleepaway Camp - Angela's Theme

"Tonight You're Mine" is played only once in the movie, but is drowned out by talking and a fight scene (although there is an instrumental version playing at one point). "Take a Chance" plays in one scene and is the shortest of the songs.

There is also a large amount of lost instrumentals from the movie, much like the music Rick Wakeman composed for The Burning, an equally forgotten movie from 1981, but unlike The Burning, there was no official soundtrack release, even if most of the music from the older film was rewritten and sounded different from the versions used in it. There is also a corpse reveal scene that was cut from the movie, and the third movie was very heavily cut to prevent an X rating. The second has one lost song that was mostly restored from a bootleg Canadian VHS.

The two lost songs from the movie in question can be heard slightly better in a cheap Canadian DVD release (which was packaged with a completely uncut version of The House by the Cemetery) by Legacy Entertainment. The version of the movie on the DVD is very low quality but is completely uncut, the more common Anchor Bay version missing two short scenes, and the sound mixing is slightly off, leading to more of the music being audible.
Sleepaway Camp soundtrack restoration update

Sleepaway Camp soundtrack restoration update

UPDATE 1/3/15: John Altyn, who created the songs "Sleepaway" and "Outta Control" for the sequel, is about to release his first-ever CD, and it will include the fully-restored, full-length versions of the aforementioned songs. However, he knows nothing about what happened to the soundtrack for the first movie. UPDATE 1/15/15: The original master tape for the first film's soundtrack has been recovered! Now all the songs from it have been remastered and are set to be released on vinyl in their entirety for the first time.


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