Small World was a 1996 TV series created by Cartoon Network which aired in the US, Latin America, and Brazil, the show was fairly similar to Tickle-U, a show that showed foreign shows from around the world, this is the list

Shows featured on Small World

  • Pingu
  • Old Bear Stories
  • The Babaloos
  • Christopher Crocodile
  • Anytime Tales
  • Funnybones
  • Small Stories
  • Soupe Opera
  • Sports Cartoons
  • Mr. Men and Little Miss
  • Miffy (AKA Dick Bruna Stories)
  • Towser
  • Archibald The Koala
  • Junglies
  • Spider!
  • Barney (No, not Barney The Dinosaur, the BBC series)

The show aired on Sundays in the morning and also weekdays at 1pm, but in the late 1990s, it was moved to 6:30 right after Big Bag due to low ratings, before the show eventually dropped altogether in 2001, this caused several shows to stop airing, but the show continued airing in Latin America until 2006. A few shows did get US VHS tapes at the time, such as Christopher Crocodile and Miffy, though despite this, Small World became extremely rare, due to the obscurity, it's unknown if the version of Pingu shown was the original or the 1990s redubs, only a few videos surfaced and photos, though the rest is lost.

Videos and Pictures

Small World logo

A picture from a CN airing of the Mr. Men and Little Miss episode "Golly, Mr. Grumpy's Smiling"

Christopher Crocodile Title Card

Miffy title card (titled after the book's creator, Dick Bruna)

A picture of Small Stories

An image from Dick Bruna Stories

Soupe Opera title card


-RARIDADE- Vinhetas de "O Mundo Pequenino" (1996-2006)

Latin American cards


Promo Pequeño Mundo - Cartoon Network Latinoamérica (Mayo 1999)

A Latin American promo


Cartoon Network - March 1997 commercials & promos

A commercial break containing a few English Small World promos


Cartoon Network commercial breaks (September 10, 2000) - Part 1

Another Commercial Break containing some English Small World idents



Another Latin America promo

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