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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Artwork of Sofa la fifa Child From Jupiter did on twitter that got deleted.

Sofa snorting cocaine

Sofa la fifa is a now deleted YouTube series made by Child from Jupiter. The series is about a Mexican mother named Sofa and her husband named Fifa going on weird and somewhat inappropriate adventures, taking thier adopted Asian son Taco with her. The YouTube series has an estament 29 episodes and 1 season and it was created in 2021 to 2022. All episodes are now lost. The reason why Child from Jupiter deleted all 29 episodes is because their mom ordered them to take the videos down for being to graphic, sexual, or even violent (especially the first episode strip the rip, were Sofa takes Taco to a strip club.)

BIG UPDATE!! Child from Jupiter is going to upload all 29 episodes as well as a revival to the show :D


Artwork for Taco's crush. Taco having a crush on Gurlass (yes thats his actual name)

  • The person's twitter profile

    strip the rip (lost)
  • skinny dumping (lost)
  • adopting opposite (lost)
  • bear naked(lost)
  • poop out puppet(lost)
  • grocery chaos(lost)
  • dasan bubblegum dum dum dum ditch there he is(lost)
  • krabby mandy(lost)
  • see to believe(lost)
  • voodoo doo doo(lost)
  • munchie(lost)
  • talent show disaster(lost)
  • out of peanut butter(lost)
  • tacos on my mind(lost)
  • sleepover night(lost)
  • memories(lost)
  • hoop da loop(lost
  • yes or no is da correct choose(lost)
  • hunting for meats(lost)
  • disgusting food(lost)
  • taco's real parents(lost)
  • retirment day(lost)
  • Taco's crush(lost)
  • gingerbreadman(lost)
  • fart is the day ill die(lost)
  • tubi jesus(lost)
  • bug eye(lost)
  • spiderman meetup(lost)
  • wedding drugging(lost)

sorry i have a update for you guys but I dont know how to add a gallery for the artwork Child from Jupiter gave me